The Salem Records

Mysterious Ailment plaguing our town! Who is to blame?

Mystery Sickness

Late last night a peculiar illness has stricken several young females of our community. Multiple girls from across all families have been affected - Betty Parris form the Parris family, Ruth Putnam from the Putnam family, and several others. Some folk from our community are suspecting witchcraft is to blame, and Tituba, the Parris family slave, has recently been placed into interrogation for inferred association with the act. Abigail Williams, niece of Reverend Parris, has also been asked if she can give any enlightenment to this dazzling situation, but she denies all knowledge of the situation. We currently are taking up on additional possible leads, however for now we are oblivious as to the odd events responsible for the stake of these young girls lives. Whatever is going on in our Godly Salem is certainly of the supernatural and must come to a conclusion soon.

Mystery Sickness (Continued from above)

Rumors have been circulating throughout our town of a possible solution to the girls' sickness. Some people have expressed concern over a rumor that the girls were dancing in the woods and witchcraft was in play summoned by Tituba. They think that the devil was released from the fiery pits of Hell and infiltrated the soul, body, and mind of the individuals causing them to fall ill. More people are beginning to place doubts on all legitimacy of last night and suspect a larger vile force at work.
Isaiah Riddle

City Press Council Manager, Newspaper Writer