Romantic Era Ideas & Leaders


Individualism is the belief that the freedom of the individuals to act out their heart is more important than the government. In these days people expect you to please them or to do good for them, but when we do what is right for our own selves we often get judged by others. I think it is best that we do what is best for ourselves and that it doesn't matter if we get judged by others because we know that we all get judged throughout our lives. I think Individualism is a good trait for personality because most people or younger teenagers get confused or shattered on the inside from people judging and they like have the feeling to try change that about themselves which is kind of like "pleasing people". Like when I was younger I used to be afraid of being judged by my classmates and I'd like try to be the way I didn't want to just to fit in and I think that my problem was being afraid of getting judged and that is kind of one of the reasons I moved to Akula because I felt like I had no one..But now that I am older I am more Independent because as you grow older you start to realize a lot of things you don't even want to know about.


Optimism is the belief that good must win over evil. Also Hopefulness, confidence about the future. I think that optimistic people mostly think on the positive side and have confidence and hope for the future which makes them motivated to do good now in the present. Like if I have some kind of breakdown on school work or something else, I always try my best not to show that I am hurt and I always try to have a positive attitude even if it is harder for me to have a good behavior. I also do my best to think about the good things to bring back my positive attitude up. I mean like I think of what I am doing right now that I am struggling with and I have hope that it will be better in the future. Optimism is a good idea to use when you are feeling hurt or stressed out about something because you can think about the good things which makes you like motivated to keep up the good thinking and so that you don't have to do any crazy bad or evil thing to yourself. I think optimism affected people to keep going even if they are struggling because it can be a good advantage in the future. Like what you are struggling with and you keep going even if you are and the outcome will be good in the end. I agree with being optimistic because it seems good for me to think that way and I am still young and it is good to think that way at a young age because I could have high hopes and goals. Just like when I am slowly giving up, I think about how things will be if I don't give up on anything I am struggling with.

Intuition versus Logic

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning or without thinking logically, which is like solving an algebraic problem. I think that intuition is a gut feeling that you get when something doesn't feel right. I'd rather go with being intuitive because if we didn't have intuition than I think we would be in the places we wouldn't want to be. I agree with being intuitive because I don't like facts or conscious reasoning, but only during math I do logical thinking. Intuition can be a good idea during a time when someone uses peer pressure on you to like drink with them or something and you get this feeling in your guts that it doesn't feel right to drink with this one person because of the way you know them. I think intuition affected people by making the right choice when they feel that something isn't right, like I said if there wasn't any intuition in this world we would be in all the wrong places.