All About Me

Sarahi Robles


I've grown up in Newton my entire life. Both of my parents came from Mexico and decided to move here. I have two older sisters, both married. Anyone who knows me knows that I have self diagnosed OCD. Between my color coded notebooks and having everything organized I tend to be too much for some people. I'm not yet decided on what major I want to pursue in college, but something that involves history and legal studies feels right to me. Although I still don't know what I want to do later on in life career wise, I do know that whatever I do I want to help others. Community service is big in my family and being able to have a job I love and also know that I am helping others would be perfect.

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I've always felt uneasy about science as a whole. It wasn't until 8th grade where I thought I fell in love with the subject. The idea of the periodic table really excited me and I even wanted a poster of it in my room. After taking so many sciences classes the initial spark has faded away. I've found that to learn about science most teachers go hands on or strictly power point approach and I learn more with power points and discussions. I am "good" at science, but I don't have a passion for it.