Westlaw Digital Tutorial

Find the legal resources you need

What Resources are available on Westlaw?

Westlaw offers access to case law, legislative and regulatory information both at the state and federal level. The legal database also offers access to legal journals and other secondary sources that offer a broad range of legal information. The easy-to-use search interface makes it an excellent tool for conducting legal research, accessing that case or reference you need for legal practice, as well as providing news streams and alerts to help new and seasoned professionals keep up with the latest jurisprudence, precedent and legal trends.

Can I rely on it?

Yes! Westlaw content is curated by attorney experts, and therefore, is current and authoritative. These experts, however, do not come for free. Make sure you review your contract carefully to understand how much each search costs, and whether the search is included in your plan.
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Below is a 15 minute video tutorial to walk you through some of Westlaw's key features.
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Thanks for exploring with me!

My name is Helen Busness. I am an attorney and an MLIS student at Rutgers. This poster was created as part of my course work for Principles of Searching: Search and Information Landscape (17:610:530). I hope you enjoy learning and researching in Westlaw.