Plate Tectonics

By: Jade Thornton

Transform Boundaries

Transform boundaries happen when two plates slide past each other. This cause earthquakes and fault lines. Most popular locations of transform boundaries is in San Francisco and California. The most popular known transform boundary I the San Andres Fault.

Divergent Boundaries

Divergent Boundaries appear when two plates move apart from each other. This type of boundary has an effect of causing volcanoes and sea floor spreading. The most known example is located in the Mid Atlantic and is called Mid Ocean Ridge.

Convergent Boundaries

There is two different types of convergent boundaries, convergent subduction or convergent continents. Convergent subduction happens when two plates of two different densities normally, oceanic and continental plates collide. Because of the difference in densities one plate get pushed underneath causing trench or volcanoes. Convergent continents appear when two plates with the same density collide forming mountains.