Newsletter Week 3 Term 4

Lauriston School 1st November 2022

Principal's Message

Kia ora ma whanau o te kura Kotuku Lauriston,

It was good to arrive at school on Monday to see our beautiful mural, "Makere ana ngahere"-Abundance proudly displayed on the side of Mt Alford, welcoming us all into our lovely school.

Today we have attached a special Resene Mural Project feature PDF created by Will Chambers as part of the student entry from Lauriston School into the nationwide 2023 Resene Mural Competition. I am certain that the standard we have set and the quality of work achieved - it's value to our school in helping frame our cultural narrative of inclusiveness and manaakitanga - loving care - will make a big impression of the judges.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Libby Chambers who was employed by the school to lead the GATE project offering our students an opportunity to extend themselves through the arts in a meaningful project that will hold pride of place in our hearts and in our school for years to come. I would also like to acknowledge Aaron Chambers for his support in framing and hanging the mural, Paul and Anna Cartney from Smith & Sons for sponsoring the materials, Resene for helping sponsor the paint and for creating a competition which helps promote the arts and which invests back into community. I would also like to congratulate James Gray, Sophie Back, Lachie Chambers, Gabbie Duckmanton, Tessa Sim, Charlotte Fallaver, Mae Totty, Henrietta Cairns, Sophia Rodriguez, Charlie Honeywell, Sam palmer, Will Chambers, Sasami Koizumi, Joe Owen, Raffia Stehouwer, Ava Harrower, Miriam Menefy and Willow McKerrow for their outstanding work in helping to produce this masterpiece! Ataahua!

As the name of the mural suggests by way of translation- 'from abundance comes abundance'. What does that mean? The mural reflects a celebration of our place and our people. It celebrates our environment-a school community which works together to achieve the very best for it's students. Gratitude is the attitude. Contentment the supreme wealth; comparison the thief of joy. Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata-if the earth is well, the people will be well. Taking stock of our slice of paradise, being thankful, noticing that we have much to celebrate and to be proud of is an important aspect of our well being. With all the strains and demands of everyday life-it is hard sometimes for us to stop, take pause and acknowledge what we have got. It is tough out there at the moment, and we need to ensure we are taking time to look after ourselves and each other.

I share below an interesting read from the parenting place called, "Putting on your own oxygen mask first"-which usually has it's finger on the pulse of what is happening out there for our families across NZ. It could be a timely reminder for us all to Pause, Reflect and Engage. Locally, our very own rural well being advocate and BOT chair, Craig Wiggins, encourages us to "Lean on a gate, talk to a mate" or to see that "there is more happiness in giving."

These are not new messages, but they are timely reminders of what we could be practising-as I often tell people-"well being is a skill, and as such it needs be practised."

To what end? To help us develop greater resilency and contentment. Life is nothing but change- a series of ups and downs and in betweens. Our school Whare, is a teaching tool we use to help our children develop their own well being cultivated and developed through exploration of our school values and key competencies. Recently I joked; outside of the school we are encouraged to "lean on a gate-talk to a mate" but inside school we are encouraged to "Lean on a Pou, talk to a bro."

Dialogue is important. We must be prepared to be there for each other and ourselves. If you are struggling or going through a hard time currently, I'd encourage you please to dial in with someone in our community and seek the love and support you need. They may not know how best to support you, but it may just be the head start you need to find the support you are seeking, and to learn how to face the challenges and trials of everyday life. It may also just be the release of tension you needed to get whatever it is that has been sitting heavily with you-off your chest. Experiencing hardships and difficulties is normal-so let's normalise the conversation around our experiences and be open to supporting one another free of any stigma, sense of shame or embarrassment. It's a universal experience that as adults we should model; healthy ways to work with our circumstances and difficulties, if not only for our own sake, but also for our families and our precious taonga-our children. As the article reiterates:

"Let’s be honest – reining in our emotions, moods and tempers is a daily struggle and a daily decision, especially when we are under pressure. But it is worth the effort. Science tells us that supportive, positive relationships with parents and caregivers shield children against the fallout of stress and adversity. When we are mentally healthy, we can be the support that our kids need." (Putting on your own oxygen mask first by Holly Jean Brooker)

Take care whanau-Manaaki mai

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Celebrating Success in our School

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Ready Rewards

Congratulations to Aliyah Worner and Lucy Keane for success in demonstrating our READY Value Respect-Tipu. You show tolerance (manaakitanga), responsibility for the environment (kaitiakitanga) & consideration (ahuatanga).

Congratulations to Sasami Koizumi and Henrietta Cairns for success in demonstrating our READY Value Achievement-Koru. You are confident in knowing yourself (ko wai au?), produce quality work (puna matauranga) & are an effective communicator (karanga manawanui).

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Classroom Certificates

Mt Alford: Frankie Henderson for a great start to her literacy learning.

Mt Harper: Fergus Lochhead and Tilly Marshall received our Super Speller awards for working hard to memorise their spelling words each week.

Mt Hutt: Sophie for making good choices in and outside the classroom! Showing Kowhiri.

Claire for awesome work on your research task during reading time!

Mt Winterslow: Bella Murrell for a great start to the Term. Working hard to achieve classroom expectations and displaying our school READY Values.

Mt Somers: Ollie Scotchbrook for amazing work and enthusiasm with maths. The Student Council (Henrietta Cairns, Charlie Honeywell, Livi Fletcher, Charlie Quinlan, Poppy Mawle, Isobel Davey, Sam Palmer)

Principal’s Award: Archie Mohi for showing character, respect for self and determination to complete his race despite falling over just before the finish line.

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Monday Morning Meeting Awards

House certificates: Frost Stehouwer, Jack Sim, Madison Moulin, Georgia Copland, Eddie Royston, Arthur Curvis, Izzy White, Lucy Keane, Wilbur Cairns, Frankie Henderson

Bus certificates: Wilbur Cairns, Poppy Mawle, Sophie Back, Madison Moulin, Georgia Copland

Birthday Celebrations

This week we have just the one birthday and that is Charlotte Fallaver who will turn 7 on Friday - we hope you have a very happy day Charlotte!

Upcoming Events

  • BOT Meeting - 1st November
  • County Athletics - 4th November (pp 7th November)
  • Yr 4-5 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Camp - 7-9th November
  • Yr 3 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Camp - 8-9th November
  • Yr 0-2 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Big Day Out - 9th November
  • Yr 6 Hakatere - Ashburton Lakes Big Day Out - 9th November
  • Opuke Staff Only Day - 10th November
  • Powhiri - 16th November
  • Yr 6 Diamond Harbour Camp - 22nd - 25th November
  • LSS Meeting - 23rd November
  • Zone Athletics - 30th November
  • Firewise Funday - 2nd December
  • BOT Meeting - 5th December
  • Leavers Dinner - 8th December
  • Prizegiving - 14th December - pp 15th December
  • Last day of term for students - 16th December

Teacher Only Day - 10th November

Thursday 10th November is the last of our Opuke Kahui Ako teacher only days for 2023 which means the school will be closed for instruction on this day.

This means you will get an extra long weekend as Friday is Canterbury Anniversary Day. We hope you can all spend some lovely family time together.

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Last Week in our School

Mt Alford

Today we had an exciting visit from Methven Preschool. They joined us just in time for morning tea and a play in the sunshine. After morning tea we shared a fun story before getting the parachute out and taking part in the bean bag songs. To finish we explored our classroom and the Mt Alford children enjoyed showing them our favourite things. It was such a great morning and we are looking forward to going to Methven Preschool for a visit soon.

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Mt Harper

Mt Harper has been busy on the school farm this morning. While preparing our gardens for spring crops we noticed that our sprinkler was wasting a lot of water. We have decided to install a more focused irrigation system so have been busy digging trenches under our gardens and installing tubing. We are just about ready to attach the spray heads.

The kids were also very excited to see one of the neighbours chickens sitting on an egg amongst the long grass.

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Mt Hutt

Last week in Mt Hutt we started looking at our garden and thinking about our spring planting. As part of our Little Garden League Adventures, we planted our seeds to grow in class. Each vegetable or herb has a funny character and we have begun writing about the adventures of each one alongside our garden workbook. Another highlights of the week was the school sports fun day. We enjoyed working with our house groups to complete challenges. We also were lucky enough to have a visit from Millie's new puppy called Penny! We loved the puppy cuddles and could not believe how small Penny was!
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Mt Winterslow

Update on Farm Piglets

As part of our maths program, we are collecting, using data and graphing results to decide the

names of our farm piglets. Mt Winterslow brainstormed five possible names - Spot, Pepper,

Hammy, Porky and Pinky. A survey was sent out to the whole school to decide on the two most

popular names. We therefore, would like to introduce you to PEPPER (all white piggy) and SPOT

(black spotted piggy). Both piglets have adapted to their new environment and are strong and


2022 Camp Booklet

Our year 3, 4 & 5 students have been working collaboratively on their camp booklets in

preparation for camp next week. These will be ready by Friday to share with our

parents/families. We have had a lot of fun learning about the activities in which we will

participate in whilst on camp. Did you know that Mt Sunday is Home of Edoras in the movie

The Lord of the Rings? The booklet will consist of camp activities plus all of the essential

information required for our camp.

Welcome Bella Murrell

Mt Winterslow welcomes Bella Murrell into our classroom. Bella has adapted well with

classroom expectations/routines and consistently displays our READY values.

Ka mau te wehi!

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Term 4 Uniform

Sun Hats

We are still awaiting the arrival of our new sunhats so students may wear any hat from home in the meantime - any hat is better than no hat at all.

This is also a timely reminder to apply sunscreen to your children before they head to school for the day - sunscreen is available in the classroom for reapplying throughout the day.

New Entrant Evening - 28th November

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Wha Club

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Lauriston Hall AGM

This event is being held in the Lauriston Hall on Thursday 10th November at 7.30pm.

All welcome!

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