The Bluefin tuna is in trouble!

By: Alex Kaminsky

The Bluefin Tuna's Features and Actions

There are three types of Bluefin- Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern. The Bluefin is the biggest type of tuna.They can be as big as up to 16 feet and can as up to 1,800 pounds. Their long, skinny, rough body consits of tiny scales. They are dark on top and silvery underneath. They are born predators and eat things like herring, mackerel, and eel. They have better sight than any bony fish, and are made for speed. They can dive 4,000 feet!

The Tuna's Environment

AHHH, home sweet home. The Bluefin Tuna lives in the ocean and migrates. They are warm blooded and can go from warm waters off the Mediteranian sea, to cold waters off Iceland. Their marine habitat consists of seeweeds, marine algae, muddy shores, mangroves, and salty marshes.

WWF to the Rescue

The Bluefin is swimming in some hot water! They are endangered, and have to keep their sharp, keen eyes out for the killer whale and the human, but mostly humans. The Atlantic Bluefin, the biggest, is the most endangered. The catches of the fish are mostly located at the Mediterranean Sea. WWF is on the case. They are tagging the fish to learn more about their species and telling the fisheries ways to protect them. WWF may be helping, but the Bluefin need your help too! The fish may be delicious, but they make the ocean a better place!

The bluefin does make a great dinner, but once you eat it, do you feel like a winner?