Better Bookkeepers

what's in store this spring?

CA Minimum Wage Rises to $10!

Beginning January first of 2016, minimum wage increased to $10/hour!

In order to off-set this increase and keep your staff numbers at a healthy level, Better Bookkeepers suggests taking a look at your budget for the year...

Possible questions to discuss:

  • What expenses do I have that I could eliminate?
  • What cut could be taken that will better stabilize these new changes?
  • Is there any business or office expenses that could be swapped for more cost-effective options? (i.e. receiving your faxes online, keeping back room lights off when not in-use, using reusable water bottles instead of paper cups, etc.)
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Bookkeepers Wanted

We are looking for part-time bookkeepers to join our team!


Part-time availability (10-20 hours a week)

QuickBooks experience

A love of gummy snakes and all candy

Please give resumes via email or walk-in:

330 Merchant Street, Vacaville