Jake and Tyler's shampoo for Grass

Its always a good time when you shampoo grass!!


You must rub each individual blade of grass for 37 hours. Then within a couple of days you will realize that your grass looks absolutely the same.

The real purpose of our product

The name of our product is a little misleading. The real purpose of our Grass Shampoo product is to keep grass spiders from eating your grass particles. Sadly the grass spiders become mutated and grow 49 feet in size. A good side affect is that the shampoo is that it will attract flying pandas to your yard if you don't mow it in 112 years.


Some bad effects of the grass shampoo is that it will kill your grass and mutant grass that dances will take over. It is also extremely flamable, acidic, explosive, poisonous, and radioactive. We suggest that you do not play in your yard ever again after using our product.

Price $600 per 2 ounce bottle