westward expansion

BY Charger

Texas with Mexico

Texas was a part of mexico until they had the alamo war. The alamo war was the mexacans attacted the taxans deffenders. The mexicans killed all the defenders. Then texans got the land by making a constitution. The land was now called texas.

Gold rush

The california gold rush was where people moved to california and went mining. The people who were selling the suplies got the most money cause they would sell the suplies and the miners would go mine and would rarly get gold.

Oregon trail

The Oregon Trail became one of the key migration routes that pioneers crossed on their way to the vast west. Spanning over half the continent the trail proceeded over 2,170 miles west through territories that would later become missouri kansas nebraska wyoming idaho and oregon. The long journey through endless plains, rolling hills, and mountain passes, began in Independence, missouri and ended at the Columbia River in oregon.