David Suzuki

By: Safeer Zaidi

What was David Suzuki involved in that made him into a leader?

David Suzuki is a scientist and an Environmental activist. He was involved in many broadcasting projects which made him known and brought attention to many people. He was on many TV series such as Suzuki on Science, this series is what made him into a public figure. He was also a university teacher and did research in genetics, in fact his work on the fruit fly gained him worldwide recognition. He continued his career by starring in other TV series and documentaries. Later on he became an Environmentalist and he is showing his concern for our environment. This is how people look up to him and ended up making him into a leader, a person who is trying to make a difference and leading people into the right path to make our future more pleasant and greener.

What actions did the individual take to show leadership

David Suzuki used his broadcasting career to raise awareness of his work in science and to also demonstrate ways to preserve the environment. He had many types of broadcasting series such as Suzuki on Science (TV series), Quirks and Quarks (radio series), and The Nature of Things (documentary series). Believe it or not, some of his colleagues believed his work in broadcasting was a waste of his talents, however David Suzuki did not see it that way. He believed that this would be raising awareness of science and would make science even better. His broadcasting is what made him famous, people were able to learn off him and it goes to show that his hard work payed off. For instance, at some point in the CBC special A Planet for the taking, it activated his activism side which led him into travelling the world examining humans relationships to the earth. After that in 1990 he founded a non-profitable organization promoting solutions to Environmental problems called the David Suzuki Foundation, thus permanently making him Canada's most recognizable and vocal environmentalists.
Visions of the Future by David Suzuki part 1
The video above is from one of his documents called Visions of The Future (just one part), which is basically about how things are different from how they were in the past and how the impact the environment.

Which three leadership traits does David Suzuki apply?

Courage is not the absence of fear - it's inspiring others to move beyond it

David Suzuki shows this character trait because through out all of his career he had to stay true to his work and have the courage to continue what he does and not let people who may disprove of his work bring him down. Also he is an inspiration to others to stand up and make a difference them self. Everyone has fear and if David Suzuki was scared to do all this then we would have lost a great leader, but David Suzuki conquered his fear of what people might say about his doings and continued anyway. He showed bravery and determination in his work which led him into being a great leader.

Appearances matter - and remember to smile

This leadership trait means that we should always keep our head high and show our confidence, and our overall appearance leaves an impression on people. David Suzuki shows this leadership trait. He always has a positive attitude towards all his work and shows great amount of confidence which is refreshing to see. His appearance as an environmentalist leaves a major impression on many people, thus representing his care for our environment and gets people involved.

Nothing is black or white

This leadership trait refers to equality. Everyone is the same, even if you are famous you are still the same. This represents David Suzuki because his goal as an environmentalist is to bring awareness to everyone, David Suzuki wants people to know how to take care of their planet and anyone can make a difference. David Suzuki is just another person who cares deeply about the environment and does what he can to help it, he is just like us the only difference is he gets worldwide recognition for it. But just because he is known and you are not, the things you might do for the environment are as equal to what he does for it.

In conclusion

David Suzuki is a leader because of his impact on people because of his creation public awareness about the environment. This has a positive impact in Canada because he is making people think more of how we can care for our environment

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