United States of Money

Land of total awesomeness

Come vist some of the richest cities in the world

Our country is a peaceful and anti terrorist location. We are a democracy there for there are no stupid laws because our citizens vote for our repesentativies and if a law takes to long to get through the citizens will vote. It's a federal government so if there is some rule that the state members try to pass or big problem the big house will take care of it. come see our wonderful beach front by staying at one of our many six star hotels in Dubai and the awesome ten star hotel in C town. Dubai and C town are two of our major cities, but there are many other great cities.

What make this such great place to be

  • All of the ten million people treat you like a long lost relative.
  • The fashion. We have some of the top Fashion designiers.
  • The activites. The races, fishing, tanning, shopping, sight seeing, and relaxation.
  • Anti terriost zone
  • Camel rides!!!!

Come to our community center to get the activity brouchure

Gurranted to have no regrets of coming to such a great place.

What new about your government?

  • English majority language
  • Do a lot more oil, solar, wind, and fish market.
  • Capitalist Government government which makes our economy so succesful.
  • We have mulitiple political parties to give the citizens more of choice to vote for
  • Our to Bigger political parties are go big or go home and
  • We have a job program so that every citizen has a job.
  • And to tie everything our amazing president Einstein junior.