Steve Jobs

And his work at Apple

Basic Biography

  • Steve was born Feb 24, 1955 and died October 5, 2011.
  • Originally from San Francisco, California and died in Palo Alto, California.
  • Paul and Clara Jobs (Adoptive parents)
  • Laurene Powell was his wife
  • Got into electronics at a very young age
  • Sold "Blue Boxes" which alowed you to make phone calls from anywhere for free with Wozniak
  • Steve goes to the fall semester at Reed college, Oregon before dropping out and moving to a hippie commune.
  • He later got a job working at Atari
  • Founded Apple Inc. With Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in his parents garage.

  • 4 Children:
  • Lisa Brennan-Jobs (with Chrisann, b. 1978)
  • Reed (with Laurene, b. 1991)
  • Erin (with Laurene, b. 1995)
  • Eve (with Laurene, b. 1998)

Founders of Apple inc.

The 12 Characteristics of an Entrepreneur and how Steve Jobs Showed them

Action Oriented

Steve took a big risk with starting Apple and pioneering a company that makes new products that is completely new.


Jobs had an incredible amount of creativity. He had the creativity to make an affordable computer, a phone that travels with you and a tablet that changed the world.


Originally Wozniak only saw Apple as a hobby, but Jobs saw it as an opportunity for a business that could change the world.


Jobs's main goal was always to revolutionize technology and to make the world a better place. He, like many other great entrepreneurs, stuck to that goal and was always inventing his products around that basic goal.


When people told Jobs that he was crazy and that he would never be able to make Apple reality he brushed it off and kept going. He was not easily influenced but we were all defiantly influenced by him in one way or another.


Steve was always improving on his products and was always ahead of the game. He was always innovating and was far ahead of any other company who was trying to copy their ideas.


Jobs was let go from his job at Atari so he founded Apple. He was later fired from Apple but when their profits tanked he jumped right back on board and helped them get back what they once had.


“This strong sense of taking responsibility and control stemmed from Jobs’ controlling personality, he was an individual quite unique in terms of being both a visionary and having a desire to be in the decision process of even the smallest detail, for instance the design of rivets and screws on the outer shells of Apple products.”

This quote tells us that Steve was a very responsible person because he was not only at the running the company but was also helping design, produce and sell Apple's inventions.


Jobs was always innovating and bettering his products to stay on top of the ever growing market.


Jobs took many chances but some include creating a cell phone that was more than just a simple calling and texting device, or making a tablet that people used to replace their laptop.


Jobs believed in Apple and was always very confident that it would revolutionize how we used technology. He pushed Wozniak into stating Apple Inc because he believed in it.


Jobs was always striving to be the best he could and to make his products in the best was possible.