The Southwest



Mining in the Southwest is really hard. In Arizona they mine for copper to make penny´s and electric wires. In Texas they mine for silver so they can make fake diamond´s and they also mine for uranium to make rings.


A lot of landforms are in the Southwest. In Arizona there is the Grand Canyon formed by the Colorado River and a lot of people visit all the time. Also there is a lot of plateaus in Arizona and steep cliffs to. In Oklahoma there is the Great Plains and valleys and mountains.


The weather in the Southwest is very famous. In Oklahoma was the tornado bowl because it had so many tornado´s there. Also in Oklahoma they have windy and warm weather. In Arizona its really hot there that plants are so dry that the heat can set the plants on fire.


The Southwest loves to farm. Most of them farm corn and wheat. Its hard to farm there because of the weather. They use the river water to farm there plants and crops. The Southwest also raise a lot of animals like cows and cattle. Cows are important so the Southwest can eat so they don´t starve.


Arizona factories manufacture electronic equipment, aircraft space vehicles, and missiles are mostly used in Arizona. You can see some of this products at the Pima Air Space Museum near Tucson. It shows who built it. Also New Mexico built computer chips and computers. In Texas they built radios calculators and also electronic device´s.