All about me

Daniel Duron

When I was born

I was born in Tulsa Oklahoma. Its an okay town I guess.Tulsa used to have an amusement park called Bells.But the stupid Murphy brothers who own Big Splash and the Tulsa state fair.They sued Bells because they thought they were stealing their business.I used to go to Bells all the time but I cant now.Now I can only go to to amusement parks out of state now.

Random Stuff

This coming December is my birthday.December 18 im turning 12 I am maybe getting a ps4 for my birthday.I also want a go cart for my birthday.That would be so cool I could ride it around the neighborhood.

My Hobbies

I like to ride roller coasters and to go swimming.I also like to play and watch football,soccer,baseball,and hockey.I also like to play video games and to draw moles when I draw a mole it is just a half circle with a funny face and ears.Drawing moles is my favorite hobby.

My favorite foods

I like to eat pizza,and fettuchini alfredo. Plus everyone in my family is either Italian French or Spainish. So i'm a lot of different kinds of things I think it's pretty cool.

What I'm doing today

I go to Sequoyah Elementary school.I am in the sixth grade and just at the begining of the year here.I am 11 and a half years old.I have two teachers Ms.Donaldson And Mrs.Berry. Ms.Donaldson teaches reading,reading,writing,science,social studies.Mrs.Berry teaches math and readind to her other calss she is just my math teacher.At home I get there and do my homework watch tv and change clothes.and go to my friends house