Lee Smolin Physicist Research

By:Angels Garcia 4th period

birth date

Born New York City on June 6, 1955

Still alive

Degrees Earned

Smolin received his PhD in theoretical physics from Harvard University in 1979. He the held postdoctoral research positions at the institute of Advanced study in Princeton, New Jersey Kavli Institute of theoretical physics in Santa Barbara and the University of Chicago.

Major Contributions to Physics

Quantum theory of gravity, co-inventor and major contributor to two major directions, loop quantum gravity and deformed special relatively. He also has contributed to cosmology, theoretical biology, the foundations of quantum mechanics, philosophy of science, astrophysics and has published books.


Lee Smolin has contributed to the invention of loop quantum gravity. Being one of the scientist among those theorists who have proposed that the effects of quantum gravity can be experimentally probed by searching for modifications in special mechanics relatively detected in observation of high energy astrophysical phenomena. Although his big contribution was to string theory he argues in his book called, "The Trouble Maker with Physics", that physics needs more diverse and creative thinking. Smolin has also contributed to creative idea to cosmological natural selection, a process similar to biological natural selection. Smolin also well known for his book, "Time Reborn", where he discusses the what he calls a revolutionary view of time, saying that physicists have improperly the reality of time.