Alan Turing

By Eden D-R


Alan Turing

Alan Turing made the first computer and inspired us to make more computer and

robot technology.

Alan Turing was a British mathematician, logition, cryptanalist and a future famous computer scientist.

During World War II Alan was called in to action as a German Code Breaker. He had to de-code German military signals and codes, and reveal the meanings of encypted words to crack their code. That was his only objective.

Check out this clip on bbc history to see the code braking that Alan Turing had to do:


History of...

Alan Turing was born June 23rd 1912 Maida Vale and died June 7 1954 Wilmslow. In that period of time he inspired millions of people all across the world.

It all strted off with the Enigma, which was a coded pattern maker. The Enigma printed patterns, shapes, colours and this was the first ever computer. Compared to now, the Enigma sounds rubbish but back when it was made it was the start of a new generation of computers.

Check out this clip to see how the Enigma works.

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