On The Road To Mafitt Lake

Ava De Caster 2nd Hour


During the summer I had a week long horse show in Iowa. It was my first A circuit show so going into it I was definitely nervous. While I was down there, I showed in hunters, hunter eq, and the flat classes. We excelled in hunter eq over fences. While we were there we went out to eat every night with the show team and went to the tack shops on the show grounds.


Mainly just our show team came (Nikki, Roman, Brooke, Kendra and I.) Along with our trainer/barn owner. A bunch of my family came down for the week too, including my sister, my aunt/trainer, my step dad, my mom, my dad, my cousin, and my trainer from Florida. And of course all of our horses, which was a total of seven. Down there we also had barns that we knew and were friends with, who made the trip even more exciting.


The show was in Iowa however, the show grounds were near Mafitt Lake. It was a ten hour trip down there as we had to pull horse trailers and follow them down there. It was horrible because of the two kids in the back seat. When we thought we were about ten minutes away from the grounds our lead trailer took a wrong turn sending us even further away from the grounds. Costing us an extra hour, when we got there everyone was excited to finally get out of the car, including the horses.


The show was August 4-11. We showed every day except for the first day where we had to hack the horses around in every arena to get them used to their surroundings. The cool part about hacking in every arena was we actually got to ride in the Grand Prix arena where they hold the Grand Prix it was amazing.


We got down there by taking two trailers. One 4 place head to head trailer and one 3 place

slant trailer. We also took four trucks so that we could all get place to place without having to all cram into one car. Two of the trucks were used for trailer in down there but eventually got unhooked once we got the trailer unloaded and parked.


We decided to go to this show last minute (meaning we found out about it and signed up a week before it) because our usual show that we go to was cancelled because the grounds were flooded due to all of the rain that they had been having. It was sad but this show made up for it big time. The grounds were beautiful and we all had a blast and made lots of unforgettable memories.

Other Interesting Things

While we got lost with the trailer we actually were stuck in this very very expensive neighborhood with really skinny roads. Well, we had to turn the trailer around so we ended up having this huge trailer on someone's very expensive lawn. Needless to say we got out of there as fast as we could. Something that was also really fun that we did was when we watched the Grand Prix, we were actually able to walk the course which was amazing as the jumps were taller than me, we also knew a person in it who placed 1st,2end, and 3rd with her horses and during the victory gallop literally almost died because the horse started bucking and reading to the point it almost flipped its self over on top of the rider.

Connection #1 To Science

Newton's first law of motion connects to riding because when you are approaching a jump or just simply flatting and the horse stops, spooks, or refuses and you fall off you continue to be in motion. The way I see it is that when you are riding a horse you are in motion but when the horse puts on the brakes unexpectedly (an external force) and the horse will stop but you may continue to keep moving in motion where you soon will meet either the jump or the ground (a different external force) where the motion you were in will be stopped.

Connection #2 To Science

My second connection would be Newton's third law of motion. The connection would be, say you are jumping and you get left behind because you didn't go with the horse. While the horse is moving forward you are being thrown backwards. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" this relates to being left behind because instead of going with the horse when it's jumping you are stuck behind it. As the horse is moving forward you are moving backwards which connects with "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."


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First Question

One question I still have about this being related to science (anatomy of the horse) is how the bit sits in the horses mouth. If there is no connection it sits on the bars of the horses mouth and hurts the horse but when you have a good connection it is pulling on the horses cheeks but they like it like that, my question is how are the bars more tender than the cheeks being pulled on?

Second Question

My second question is also the anatomy of the horse. I am wondering how thick the horses skin/hide really is. I am wondering this because being hit with a crop or being spurred (at a reasonable strength) doesn't hurt them. I've been hit with a crop while messing around with friends and it hurts to me so it must be very very thick for it not to really hurt them?

Third Question

My third question (another anatomy question) is how the horses are built. Like hunters and jumpers can be the same breed but are built differently because of their jobs. But a dressage horse is also different so must be shaped differently? The part that really gets me sometimes is how are some horses eventers (dressage, show jumping, and cross country) when all of hose are shaped differently. I'm wondering if horses are almost shaped like people, gymnasts are short and stalky, dancers are long and lean, are horses made differently for their jobs too?

Fourth Question

My last question about the horse is the amount of nerves they have. The way I'm thinking of it is like mane pulling. To us if we just yanked out a bunch of our hair if would really hurt but to horses it doesn't hurt them. So that's why I'm wondering that we must have more nerves than horses if it hurts us more than them. So they should have less nerves than we do?