Second Grade SUPER News

January 15, 2016

Highlights from Second Grade

Our Super magazine in Superkids once again gave us an area to investigate. This time we read about M.C. Escher, an artist who spent his life working to make impossible things look possible in his art. His art led us to tessellations, patterns in pictures which fit together perfectly, Mrs. Sayre came into our classroom to explore tessellations with us through the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) site, Illuminations. A link to this site can be found on our classroom homepage under Useful Links - Other Fun Sites - Tessellation Creator. The students really enjoyed creating their own unique patterns in their pictures. Some of the comments include, "This is fun!" - Maya, "I am definitely going to do this at home!" - Connor, and "I loved it! Now I can make thousands of them!" - Kate.

Let your students show you this site at home and create a tessellation with them. Some examples are below.


This week's focus in Superkids for phonics was long vowels sounds in the patterns old, ost, ild, ind, and a short vowel sound in ea. We talked about the suffixes ful (meaning full of) and less (meaning without). We also explored similies using like and as to compare two things. Next week is our last week in Unit 4 and then we will start the second semester of Superkids.

Next week is also the last week of second quarter. We will be celebrating our AR achievements on Friday, January 22nd, with a movie about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and our classroom store will be open for the students to spend their pennies.

In Writing we are composing opinion letters about a favorite book that we are reading. We are encouraging the students to write about a character and why they like that character.

Below a group is gathered before the bell rings over a new book brought in by Jason.

Big image
Big image


In math this week we have been adding 1-digit to 2-digit numbers, and 2-digit to 2-digit numbers. Students were introduced to 5 Addition Strategies:

  • open number line strategy
  • base ten blocks strategy
  • making tens and hundreds
  • decomposing
  • standard algorithm without regrouping

The reasoning behind teaching multiple strategies is to make sure the students have a good grasp of the base ten system. Give your student a problem (like 40 + 70 or 34 + 55) and have them demonstrate solving them using each of the different strategies.

We also played math games this week that can be found on our 2nd grade web page under Math.

  • Greg Tang (Breakapart and Num Tanga)
  • Sheppard Software (Fruit Splat Addition)

In IXL the students could be going to: G.1, G.2, G.4, G.6, G.8, G.9, and G.11

Star Student

Molly was our Star Student this week. Molly likes animals, especially dogs and cats, and she wants to be a vet someday. Her favorite places to travel are the Wisconsin Dells and Indiana Beach State Park. She is Polish and can understand and speak some words in Polish.

Our next Star Student is . . . Emma!

AR Winners

The end of the second quarter is in sight. This week's AR prize winners are pictured below. The quarter ends on January 22nd - GO READERS!
Big image

Miscellaneous Items

  • The 2nd quarter ends on Friday, January 22, 2016.
  • The form for your preference of conference times is in the Friday folder. It is due back next Friday, January 22.
  • After school programs start next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The option for 2nd grade is Study Hall. The pink slips should be brought in on the day that your child is staying.

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