Is Technology Controlling Society?

By: Mike Parkinson

How Society become Controlled By Technology

In the article 'Has Society become Controlled By Technology-No', it says that "Technology allows people to take control of their lives." I agree with this, but I also disagree. I agree because you can use technology in a good and productive way like we do at school. We use it to do class assignments and it has become a necessity in every class. I disagree as well because people take advantage of technology and it makes people lazy.

Has society become controlled by technology?

In the article 'Has society become controlled by technology?', it says "Technology is our medium of choice for innovative solutions for society's problems." To me, this people use technology to escape and as a resort for when there are problems. Without technology, I think there would be a lot more conflict in society because people would be less occupied, Perhaps people on their phones is a good thing, we will probably never know though.