MID-State Reading Council

Winter 2018, Volume 6, Issue 3 Winter 2018

President's Message

It’s hard to believe the school year is more than half over. And while I’m sure most of us have settled into a predictable routine, there is still so much more to do. MID-State is hosting our first ever Teacher Trivia Night at Joe’s Station House on Thursday, February 15th. The event will be from 6:30 – 8:30 with various “teacher” themed questions. Grab a group of teachers from your building, or just some smart friends for a fun and competitive night with us.

MID-State is committed to bringing professional development to our fellow teachers. We are planning an incredible event on April 17th with guest speaker Lou Ferroli, that will focus on 21st Century Dyslexia. This event will also feature a dyslexia simulation that will be put on by the Unit 5 Dyslexia team. Come gain some new knowledge in how to support some of your most struggling students.

You will also want to mark your calendars for the Barnes and Noble book fair that will be on April 21st. By supporting our book fair, you will help us purchase books for our Habitat for Humanity homes. We would love to see you at any of our upcoming events. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help support you.

- Christa Hoder

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Teacher Trivia!

We are so excited to host the first MID-State Reading Council Teacher Trivia on February 15th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Joe’s Station House Pizza Pub. Gather a team of up to 10 players and play for just $10 per team. Each week we have been revealing a category and photo hint on our Facebook Page. Each photo is an answer, so check us out! Joe’s has their “Family and Friends” special on Thursday, so we can take advantage of the following deals:

  • Large Deal $30
    1 Appetizer - Dough Nuggets or Sweet Bites
    14” 2 – Topping Pizza
    4 Side Salads
    4 Soft Drinks
  • Medium Deal $20
    1 Appetizer - Dough Nuggets or Sweet Bites
    12” 2 – Topping Pizza
    2 Side Salads
    2 Soft Drinks

Get ready to show off your educational knowledge, eat great food, drink your favorite beverages, and enjoy your teacher friends!

SAVE THE DATE!-- Barnes & Noble Book Fair

April 21, 2018

Educator's Weekend- Save 25% on personal & school purchases

Enjoy a visit from Cookie Mouse!

Spotlight on the Carnival of Reading-- By Claire Michaels

--by Claire Michaels

On November 3rd, 2017 listeners of all ages gathered to hear the stories of Jim May, celebrate literacy with local libraries, and participate in activities including a book walk. A former 5th grade teacher, Jim’s stories gave voice to characters of all ages and backgrounds and each story was delivered with humor. From the story of the “Boo Baby Girl” who takes on the town ghost in Spanish no less, to the story of the caterpillar told in sign language, it was clear that Jim has taken the time to develop stories that reach and entertain all listeners. The fan favorite was when he created a talking banana that sang “Happy Birthday” to itself!

After Jim finished performing, families had ample time to mingle with him, getting signatures and sharing a laugh. Both of the local libraries were there engaging with families, sharing upcoming programs and offering fun crafts for young readers. McLean County History Museum attended with a “Reading around the World” display. The book walk was a popular activity and many families left with several books as prizes. Families departed with a bag of popcorn to enjoy and also had a new Illinois Reads book to add to their home library. Thanks to your membership and participation in our book fairs, the Carnival of Reading 2017 was a success!

Carol Berry Memorial Literacy Grant

Overview & Instructions for Submission

Purpose: The MID-State Reading Council will annually award a financial grant up to $300 to individual council members for the purpose of promoting the literacy of children in the classroom.


Each applicant will:

  1. Be a current member of the MID-State Reading Council

  2. Submit a complete proposal for the program or project which includes:

    1. A statement of purpose

    2. A needs statement, including information about the population to be served

    3. A description of the project including a timeline

    4. An itemized budget

    5. A plan for program or project publicity

    6. A plan for program or project evaluation

Review Process:

A committee of MID-State members will serve on the review committee using a blind review process. Grant proposals with identifiers will be disqualified. Grant recipients will be informed of their awards by email by the notification deadline. Those who submitted but did not receive grants will be notified by email and will be provided with feedback.


1. Complete the cover page with identifying information.

2. Complete the grant proposal on a new page with required information (NO IDENTIFIERS will be allowed in the grant proposal)

3. Mail or email to Janel Sebeny by the deadline

Grant Deadline: April 7, 2018 (by mail or email)

Notification and Award Date: April 21, 2018

MID-State Reading Council

2016-2017 Carol Berry Memorial Grant

Cover Page

(this page will be removed from proposal for the evaluation process)

Review of each grant submitted is contingent upon full completion of the cover page and every guideline item.

Program/Project Title: _________________________________________________

Amount Requested: ____________________________________________________

(amount requested may not exceed $300)

Contact Person: _______________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________

Target Population:

Demographic descriptors:____________________________________________________________

Age range of children: ___________________________________________________________________

Please check applicable descriptions:

_____ This is a new project.

_____ This is an ongoing project.

_____ This project has been funded previously by a MID-State Reading

Council grant. If so, indicate the grant title and the year in which it was received._____________________________________

Please include complete grant application on separate page(s).

Grant proposal must be free of any identifiers. Identifiers include the actual names of schools, council, towns, agencies, and people. Use pseudonyms. Grant proposal with any identifying information will be rejected. Incomplete grants will not be reviewed.

Email grants to sebenyj@myunit5.org or mail to Janel Sebeny at
Kingsley Junior High School

303 Kingsley St.

Normal, IL 61761

1st Grant Deadline: April 7, 2018 (by mail or email)

Notification and Award Date: April 20, 2018

Grant Proposal

From this point forward, any identifiers will disqualify the grant proposal. Please include the following in the grant proposal:

  1. A statement of purpose

  2. A needs statement, including information about the population to be served

  3. A description of the project including a timeline

  4. An itemized budget

  5. A plan for program or project publicity

  6. A plan for program or project evaluation

Illinois Reads and the Southern Illinois Launch and Book Festival, 2018

--by Carol Owles, MID-State Treasurer

Illinois Reads is a literacy initiative and statewide project to promote reading throughout Illinois and for all citizens of our State. The project is in its sixth year and is sponsored and supported by the Illinois Reading Council and its affiliated local Councils. Each year 36 books are selected—six books in each of six age bands—starting with read aloud books for babies through adult novels. The works of Illinois authors and those authors with ties to Illinois are especially highlighted.

Illinois Reads, working with our State Library and our State Librarian and Secretary of State, Jesse White, focuses on promoting reading at home, in the classroom, and in summer reading programs. Each year after the 36 books are selected by a committee of literacy educators and librarians, a launch is planned to celebrate the authors who have created the books and the children and adults who read them. Launches have been held throughout our state, and this year it will be in the southern part, in the city of DuQuoin, Illinois.

Each year as a culmination to this statewide celebration of literacy, Secretary White promotes a Family Reading Night in November. Classrooms, public and school libraries, local bookstores and community groups participate in reading events and feature the 36 Illinois Reads books for the year. Our own MID-State Reading Council participates by holding our Carnival of Reading event and has given an Illinois Reads featured book to each family in attendance. For this year’s Book Festival, MID-State is also supporting the Launch in DuQuoin by making a financial donation to help bring authors to the Book Festival.

Plans for the Illinois Reads Launch and Book Festival are underway and the event will be held at the Duquoin High School on Saturday, March 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Many of this year’s selected authors will be present to talk about their books, answer questions, and autograph their books. Their books will also be available for sale at the Launch. It is a great opportunity for children and adults to have a first-hand experience in getting to know and interact with the people who create the books we read.

For more information on Illinois Reads, the Book Festival in Southern Illinois, and the authors who will be attending, visit the Illinois Reads website at www.IllinoisReads.org.