NBPS Technology Department

January's Monthly Newsletter

Teacher Highlight

This year our very own Media Specialists are training on teaching our students to code. With the integration of STEM, and cross curricular concepts, our Media Specialist are working hard to push new innovative skills that you can find in computer science and programming. Their hard work and ability to decipher information, really helps the team come up with new ways to engage students and enhance their collaboration with peers, critical thinking, and problem solving skills as well.

Try Something New!

This year try something new in your classroom by adding a tool called Flipgrid.

"Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform used by PreK to PhD educators, students, and families around the world. Teachers post topics to spark the conversation and students respond with short videos. Bring the back row to the front and engage ALL your students!"

You can use Flipgrid in a variety of ways, but maybe try asking students to watch Kid President and complete the challenge of figuring out what they would like to do to make this year awesome.


Click on the link below to get information on current and updated subscriptions for the year.

Google Doc. Add-On of The Month

Try Kaizena Today!

Kaizena is an easy way to personalize your students experience, by providing on the spot feedback by attaching voice comments to your students work on Google Documents. It gives teachers an efficient way to communicate with students and maximizes the teachers time by 75%.

Teachers can use Kaizena to:

  • help personalize formative assessments with using reflection and feedback
  • create a flipped classroom environment
  • create documents with voice attachments
  • help ELL students with voice directions

Students can use Kaizena to:

  • provide feedback
  • reflect on their work
  • create documents with voice attachments

Visit the Kaizena website, to get subject based ideas on how to use this add-on in your classroom. You can download Kaizena for FREE, through your Google Chrome Web Store.

Click Below To Access the STEAM Monthly Challenge

Click below to access the top 10 things every teacher should be able to do with Google Classroom.

Tweet about your New Year changes in the classroom. #NB2019Changes

*Please, be mindful to only post images of students who have a signed media release form.

For ALL technology related issues, please submit a Technology (IT) Work Order. This includes computers not working, printers, interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors, Chromebooks, staff laptops, wireless issues, login issues, email, setting up projectors for PD opportunities, etc. Please DO NOT use SchoolDude to submit technology work orders.

In addition, if you require assistance in setting up an LCD projector for a presentation, PD or outside presenter, please submit a Technology (IT) Work Order and as a backup "reminder" please email your building tech a day or two before as a reminder.

You can ONLY access the Technology (IT) Work Order system from within the district. Your username is firstname_lastname and use your network login password

Technology Department Help Desk

  • The Technology Department can be reached from 7:00 AM until 4:30 PM at extension 5555.
  • Please enter a work order for any non emergency technology issues.