Tulsa Association of Secondary School Principals

Meeting Delayed

This past week we made an adjustment to our monthly meeting. The schedule that we had set with Dr. Gist seemed to be in direct conflict with our monthly portfolio meetings. To avoid the conflict our monthly meetings will take place a week later that originally scheduled. i sent out an amended Outlook request to reflect the schedule change.

Additionally, we have not received many questions or concerns in the last month or so. Please feel free to contact me at starrca@tulsaschools.org or any of your TASSP representation. It is my hope that the lack of questions and concerns is simply a result of a good school year!

In The News

Our Last Meeting

We last met with Dr. Gist on November 11th, 2015. During the meeting Dr. Gist and Dr. Wallace shared the latest draft of the Vision and Mission statements. You can find them at

http://www.tulsaschools.org/plan. The following was the feedback that members gave Dr. Gist:

What do you see?

· Extraordinary Educators listed first in the vision statement

· An abundance of “We Are” statements

· Equity vs Equality

· Positive, Love for learning - Nurturing Environment

· Descriptive language

· Thoughtfulness, Teach, Board and Community

· Caring words

What questions does this text raise for you?

· The length of the document

· The role of the Central Office should be a support

· Destination is listed in the Vision

What is significant about this text?

· How do we inspire students

· Our community is often mentioned

· Rigorous versus Demanding

· Students must be engaged – own their learning

What are the implications for your work?

· Coach and inspire *Secondary Level

· Focus on providing students for college, career and life

· Specific role for all departments in the district

o Families and Students

o Ownership

· “All In” - Good

· Preparing students for innovations

· Encourage Risk Taking