Smoking Cigarettes

Don't you Dare Kill Yourself!

Why Shouldn't I smoke?

Well, smoking is not only malodorous, or it just rots your teeth, but really it goes deeper than that. Think about breathing in something.... that's not air. That's smoking for you! Your lungs are deeply effected. Your lung is at a healthy pink color, then when you smoke for a few years, an unhealthy gray and black comes to it. Emphysema and lung cancer are only two of the countless diseases you can get. Not to mention cigarettes have a radioactive chemical in them, polonium. There is arsenic, lead, the "silent killer" carbon monoxide, and countless other chemicals, so just stay away!

What about those chemicals?

Did you ever want to remove your nail polish? Well, the remover, believe it or not, is among the chemicals in a cigarette. It is called acetone. If your lighting a cigarette, you are most likely using a lighter. That liquid in it, butane is also in your cigarette. The "silent killer" carbon monoxide is in the smoke you inhale. So really, you are just taking your own life away. There are even more than you would think.

How do these chemicals kill you?

Some of these chemicals are carcinogens. Carcinogens are chemicals known to cause cancer. Nicotine, a chemical that literally sticks onto your brain is also linked to lung cancer. A disgusting carcinogen is formaldehyde. It's disgusting because that is what is used to preserve dead bodies. If you're a smoker, formaldehyde will make another soon visit... the autopsy. Smoking does take time off of your life, think more than twice before you smoke a cigarette!

What Types of Cancer Can You Get?

Most notably lung cancer. The cells in your lungs multiply uncontrollably ultimately leading to death. You can get cancer in many other places besides your lungs. Cancer can be found in your mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach from smoking. Many other diseases that aren't cancer can also be caused. However the most common disease obtained from smoking is lung cancer.

Other diseases?

You can get numerous other diseases. Another disease in regards to the lungs is emphysema. Emphysema is actually when your air sacs are stuck open and it makes breathing a really difficult task. You can do next to nothing. For instance, if you play football, you wouldn't be able to play anymore, that's how severe it is. Another disease is atherosclerosis. You know how thin your arteries are? Well the thinner, they are, the slower your circulation, blood flow throughout your body. Atherosclerosis can come with age, especially if you are a heavy eater and get no exercise.

Aging early?

Yes, smoking cigarettes can cause you to age earlier which isn't good at all. You get gray hair, and wrinkles along with that horrible stench of cigarettes, and that smell is difficult to get rid of. Instead of looking like you're in your twenties you can look like you're in your thirties and so on. Aging early is not a good thing at all, it just shows your life is speeding by.

How can I prevent myself from smoking?

If you don't want to smoke, stay out of the way of kids who smoke. Peer pressure can aid the decision of smoking or not. If you feel the urge to smoke, it's a commitment. A commitment to a shorter life, skinnier wallet, and bad health. That's just one commitment nobody genuinely wants to make!

What if my family members or loved ones smoke?

If you're constantly around someone who smokes, either urge them to not smoke, or stay away. Second hand smoke