SwipeBuddy *POS cleaning kit

$48 per box of 12 units

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Ideal for cleaning and sanitizing your POS machine hardware!

In today's world, the spread of infectious disease must be considered when thinking about the exchange of money and products from one person to another. The SwipeBuddy product will rid your POS machine from unwanted dirt and germs thus creating a cleaner workplace environment for all.

Safe for all Point of Sale Systems.

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Did you know?

The chain of transmission is the way all infectious disease spreads from one person to another. A disposable cleaning product like SwipeBuddy will break the chain of infection as it cleans and sanitizes your Point of Sale hardware.

PCClean.ca - SwipeBuddy - POS Machine cleaning and detailing kit

Did you know?

Regular use of the SwipeBuddy product will definitely break the chain of infectious disease. This do-it-yourself Point of Sales Systems cleaning and detailing kit will provide you with improved personal health, better workplace hygiene, and a more polished POS Systems exterior. Don’t you think it is time to clean and sanitize your POS hardware?

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Each box contains 12 individual cleaning kits. Suggested use once every 30 days.

SwipeBuddy by PCCLEAN.ca

How to Stop the Spread of Germs

Studies show that regular cleaning and sanitizing of your electronic hardware system’s exterior shell with a one-time-use disposable product can break the chain of infection.

PCCLEAN.ca manufactures and markets the Buddy System line of products as part of an awareness campaign focusing on the sanitation of shared electronic hardware. The dirt and germs adhere to the various detailing swabs and wipes included in each of the Buddy System products, and then both the germs and the cleaning items are disposed of into the garbage container at the same time.