We Are all a Community

Welcome to Room 128!

Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year!

Greetings! My name is Keia Pannell and I am so glad to have your child in my class this year. It is my goal that we will work together to make sure that your child is successful in not only this class, but all of their classes. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to ensure the success of your child.

~K. Pannell

English III

English III is a course specific to the study of American literature. We will understand the ideals & hardships of America through the novels and & articles we read.
  • Reading- Reading is one of the cornerstones of the class. Building reading stamina is one of my goals as well as exposing students to different genres of reading. Students are expected to read both at home and in school. We will have Self- Selected Reading (SSR) 2 times a week where students are expected to read a book of their choice during class for at least 15 minutes. Students will either bring a book from home or choose one from the class library, but they need to have a book. We will read whole class novels in addition to the independent reading books. Students need to read two books at a time. In class we will focus on analyzing both literature and informational texts in order to build reading stamina and analytical skills.
  • Writing- Writing is the other cornerstone of the class. We will write weekly and we will produce writing over the course of the year that will be informative, literary and creative. We will go through the writing process and through our own writing we will improve our writing and grammar skills.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Homework- Homework will be given 2-3nights a week depending on what we are doing. If we are reading a whole class book, then there will be reading homework every night. If no specific homework is given, then students are expected to read their SSR book.
  • Make- up Work- Students will be able to make up certain assignments, but not all of them. I will let students know when they can redo an assignment. All writing assignments can be redone if they come see me after school.
  • Late Work- There will be a 10 point deduction on all work handed in late (unless I state otherwise). Students can still hand in late work, but the points will be deducted. Please allow 2 weeks for me to grade any late/missing work. If your work is not turned in within 1 week of the due date (entering week 2 and beyond), you will spend an afternoon with me completing the work and the highest grade possible will be a 70%. If there are any extenuating circumstances, you will need to let me know immediately (before the assignment is due).
  • Grading- I will use a weighted system of grading in my class. . It is important to note that every assignment will not be graded. No one assignment or project can cause a student to fail the class. Students will be given ample opportunity to complete and make up assignments; it then becomes the student's responsibility to make up the assignment.

Contact Me!

This will be my 10th year as a classroom teacher and my 2nd year at CSD. I am very fortunate to be at a school like CSD where they are passionate about students and education.. It is my hope that we an work together as a community to foster that success and make it a great year! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or issues.