Solar Panels

Why We Shouldn't Use Them

They Are Very Expensive

One reason that we don't use solar panels are because of how much they cost! On average a solar panel cost anywhere from $1,700- $2,500.

The reality of things...

Another reason we don't use solar panels in the fact that at night, when there is no light, you get no power! So in order to have power all day long yo will have to get a plan B!

Solar panels don't always look that "pretty" !

They are more work then what you bargained for!

How are they bad for people, animals, and the environment?

One way that solar panels are bad for people is they can let off harmful chemicals if they are not disposed of properly, which can cause you serious health issues! A way that they affect the environment is you have to use fossil fuels to put the solar panels together, which causes pollution, which is bad for the environment. But they don't only affect people and the world that they live in! They also put a negative impact on animal by destroying their habitates with the installation of them.

Vote NO for the use of solar panels!

They don't only cost a lot of money, take up a lot of space, and make your house look like it is wearing a shirt. They also don't work at night, only work in some places where they have light most of the day,take up a lot of space, can't be used in certain parts of the state like inner cities or places with a lot of tree, harm the habitats of animal, use fossil fuel in installing, and they can cause you some health problems too!