TMA Designs PRESENTS... Squared

Tye, Maha, and Arslan

Innovative. Modern. Sleek.

All words, to describe TMA Designs' newest creation, Squared.

Squared is a sturdy yet visually appealing coffee table, carefully designed and handcrafted by Lisgar's very own students, Tye, Maha, and Arslan.

Altogether investing over 100 hours, we've upcycled cardboard to create a durable, stable, and modern coffee table, which will look great in any classroom or living room setting. We've devoted so much of our time, effort, and hardwork, to make Squared as realistically purposeful as possible, and would greatly appreciate it if anyone would be willing enough to bid and buy the product.

All money raised from the selling of Squared will be directly donated to Make A Wish Foundation, in hopes of raising awareness and spreading the spirit of the holidays!

Who: TMA Designs (Tye, Maha, Arslan from 8B)

What: Squared

Where: In the Library

When: Thursday, December 15 and Friday December 16

Why: To support the Make A Wish Foundation

Bid now, for Squared, to support the Make A Wish Foundation!

Bidding Details

Thursday, Dec. 15th, 9pm to Friday, Dec. 16th, 11pm

6755 Lisgar Drive

Mississauga, ON

Located In The Library!