Third Grade Reach for the Stars

Mrs. Roberts

Mark your Calendars!

  • December 9th- Permission Slip for Auberge Sent home in Mailbox
  • December 11th- Dress Rehearsal for sing- All black with pops of red
  • December 12th- Sing Performance @ 2 PM
  • December 19th- Auberge visit
  • December 20th- Early Release & Winter Break
  • January 6th- School Resumes

Upcoming Events

MAP Testing- Students in District 112 will soon be taking the Winter MAP assessments. Third grade is scheduled to take the assessments in the afternoon on the following dates:

Tuesday December 10th-ELA

Friday, December 13th-Math

Third Grade Sing- Save the date for the 3rd grade sing! Our stars will truly shine during their music show, scheduled for Thursday, December 12th at 2:00 pm. All students will be dressed in all black (shirt, pants, leggings, skirt). As an option, students are welcome to wear pops of red. For example, red headband, red bracelet, red scarf, red belt, red earrings, red tank top layered under black shirt, red belt, etc

Auberge Memory Care Community- December 19th, we also look forward to sharing our music with the Auberge Memory Care Community! We will be heading over to this retirement home to present some of our upcoming songs. We look forward to helping spread smiles in our community!

Family Photo

We will soon be starting a very special holiday gift! At your convenience please either send in or email me a family photo of your choice! We are hoping to have the photos by Wednesday, December 11th. Thank you!

English Language Arts


This week we will kick off our next unit in which we’ll be working with nonfiction text. Students will be exploring the text structure of comparing and contrasting as both readers and authors. From US regions to animals species, students will focus on thinking analytically to find similarities and differences, utilizing a variety of text support. Students will also continue to focus on identifying the main idea & key details, working with nonliteral and literal meanings, using context clues to determine the meaning of academic and domain-specific words and asking questions to check understanding of information presented. We look forward to using the mentor text, City Homes and Deep Down and Other Extreme Places to Live, to help us enhance our reading.


In our new unit, students will review telling time, starting with the hour, the half- hour, and then to 5-minute increments. Next, they will be practicing with reading and writing time to the minute on both analog and digital clocks. They will be introduced to a new Work Place game, Tic-Tac-Tock. During one session this week, we will record landmark times on a timeline for students to get a sense of how the time in a day fits together. Students will learn to use a number line to determine the elapsed time of common daily activities and then move into solving problems involving elapsed time.

The 3rd graders will also be introduced to scale and referents while reading and discussing the book Biggest, Strongest, Fastest. Students will dive into understanding the difference between the metric and U.S. customary systems of measurement and then work with metric measures of grams, kilograms, milliliters, and liters.

Please feel free to reference the Unit #4 Bridges Family Unit Overview that will be sent home with students on Monday. It includes the vocabulary, concepts and standards addressed in this new unit.

Hour of Code

We look forward to using inquiry time next week to take on the Hour of Code! Be sure to check in with your kiddos about this special endeavor! Usernames and passwords will be shared with students next week!

Social Studies

In social studies your children are showing great understanding of our world and will soon be creating their own country! They'll be brainstorming with partners in order to develop a wonderful place to live...and be asked to design their own country map and flag, too! After our project, we’ll be exploring other forms of geography such as physical geography, climate, landforms and natural resources.

Scholastic Book Orders

Here is the link to online order books using our classroom code!