Larson's Steamboats.

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Steamboats originally were made to import and export goods to different areas now they can carry people! These steam powered boats could go 5 miles per hour.

- Advantages :

  • Faster than going on your own (cut travel time by months)
  • More efficient
  • Carries many people at a time
  • Jobs

- Disadvantages :

  • Competing with other businesses
  • Over crowding
  • Unsafe housing
  • Unhealthy conditions
  • Crime

- Inventors of the steamboat :

  • Robert Fulton
  • John Fitch

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Our steamboats...

Our steamboats have the best quality that we have to offer! The United States was impacted with the steamboat in the early 1800's. This helped the United States with the expansion to the west. It was important to the United States because they carried many people at a time and made time! Many steamboats were to be made after the first was to be invented. The invention of the steamboat helped settlers in many ways, instead of having people carry their belongings, animals and family they took aboard the steamboat and was less hassle and worry. The steamboat affected the industrial revolution. the transport of goods was also more easy and efficient.
Robert Fulton Invents the Steamboat