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Martinsburg Bulldogs Win Championship Game Against Huntington Highlanders

By: Karlee Domenico

The Martinsburg Bulldogs defeated the Huntington Highlanders with a score of 62-21 at Wheeling Island Stadium on Saturday December 4, 2021. The Bulldogs entered the game with a record of 13-1, while the Huntington Highlanders entered the game with a record of 14-0. This is the 9th WVSSAC state football championship for the Bulldogs.

Senior Wide receiver/ defensive back, Hudson Clement, a key player says, “ Before the game, we were mainly focused on whether we were prepared and ready to go.” Hudson had an amazing game Saturday as he scored eight touchdowns overall. His overall stats included 12 catches for 175 yards, four receiving touchdowns, eight carries for 45 yards, and four touchdowns and one interception. With Murphy Clement, Kai Walker, and Braxton Todd on the injured list, Martinsburg did their best pushing through and not letting anything get in the way of their goal. Senior Lineman Christian Slack had an injured shoulder from practicing the week of states, and said “ The hardest thing for me was the soreness from my shoulder. I had to distract myself to keep going.” He did exactly that as he helped Martinsburg secure a victory. Senior, Hudson Clement said “ It felt amazing to know all the work we put in throughout the season has finally paid off.” Senior Lineman, Christian Slack said, “ I felt like I was on top of the world when we won.” Senior Tight end/ Defensive end, Jacob Barrick, said, “ We were the best.” It should come as no surprise that, at the conclusion of the game Hudson Clement was named the MVP of the game, and he has since been honored as the Gatorade Player of the Year and recipient of the Randy Moss award.

Hudson Clement said, “It's a crazy feeling but it means a lot knowing all your work throughout the season has paid off.”

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MHS Boys Basketball Prepares for a Great Season

By: K'Marion Dowe

Basketball season is upon us, and Martinsburg basketball is looking to build on their semifinal state championship run last year. According to the Associated Press, "The bulldogs are ranked number 3 in the state in the AAAA class." The team is reloading this year after losing four starting seniors last year; Garrett Staubs, Tre Segar, Anthony Smith, and Journal Boys Basketball Player of the Year, Doryn Smith. Some returning impact players from last year are Luke Fowler, Jess Sutherland, Cyrile Ngassa, Avion Blackwood, and K’Marion Dowe. Martinsburg has already had success during the preseason winning two scrimmages, and winning the most recent scrimmage against Chambersburg with a total score of 125-65.

Jess Sutherland was tasked with questions ranging from how he felt about the early practices, how it feels to be ranked number three in the state, and what his expectations were for the season. He answered, “The early practices are going great so far. Falling back into the flow with our offense and defense has always been our thing. Being in this environment really gets us tough and a lot better because we get after it, and it’s physical. But for being this early in the practice rotation I think it’s going very smoothly and we are progressing rapidly.” He seems very happy and comfortable with the early environment. He continued, saying, “Being ranked 3rd in the state I think is a good starting point. People don’t know what we have to work with and what we have to show. We have a tough schedule, playing Morgantown and Wheeling Park who are two great teams. But I believe we will be number one in the state when the state tournament rolls around.” He also added, “My expectations this year are high. We are a high level basketball team. Defense is our game. We pressure the ball and get in opponents’ faces. We are going to make a state championship run and we are going to shock the state. We have the guys to do it. And that’s the mindset we are going to have all year. Most of us have been playing together since we were 11-12 years old. We are going to do something special this year.” He seems very confident in himself and his team, and with the experienced players Martinsburg is returning, he has reason to be.

The Bulldogs are playing a 23 game schedule this year, and will begin their season December 20th in Hilton Head, South Carolina in the Seahawk classic tournament. Their home opener will be on December 29th in the Skip Fowler Memorial Tournament. They play notable opponents such as Hedgesville on January 7th, and Jefferson on January 25th. With a lot of expectations and things to prove this year, Martinsburg is ready to play basketball!

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2020-2021 Varsity Boys Basketball Picture

Cameron Wilkes, Tre Segar, Avion Blackwood, Jess Sutherland, Doryn Smith, K'Marion Dowe, Stephan Barclay, Cyrille Ngassa, Luke Fowler, Garrett Staubs.

MHS Lady Bulldogs Make It To AAA Cheerleading States

By: Amani Jones

The MHS cheerleading team left for their last competition of their season called “Eat Or Starve”, last Friday and competed the next day against the following teams Bridgeport High, Wheeling Park, Hurricane, Jefferson and more. Our Lady Bulldogs placed 6th at their state competition beating their own alumni. No matter what our cheer team placed, they were happy with themselves and with how far they have come as a team. Junior, Keniya Basey, states, “Going to states was a relief. It was nice to be around all those amazing teams and it was a great atmosphere. I'm looking forward to working hard to make it next year.”

The cheerleaders worked very hard to get to the point where they are at now. There were times how they had to change parts of their routine and to learn new counts for it. Then there were many injuries like, ankles, back, wrist and even shoulders. Coach Samantha Baez, states, “I feel like I did my job getting my team to their first state competition.” The cheer team had a great season with the long practices everyday even to the rough times they faced with each other. Great job to our Lady Bulldogs!

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Back Row- Ariel McGrain, Shelby Henson, Keniya Basey, Paris Shoemaker, Makinnah Barrow, Taylor Cleaves, Nohelani DeChalus

Front Row:-Alli Slonaker, Serenity Hendrick, Jordyn Fleming, Amani Jones, Chloe Gregory, and Payton Baker

Meet The Guidance Counselors of MHS

By: Valerie Clabaugh

Martinsburg High has many guidance counselors that strive to ensure the success of all students. All the guidance counselors play special and distinct roles to help students, from emotional guidance to academic guidance. All guidance counselors can be found in the guidance office during the school day, as well as through email or schoology. They have decided to share some personal and fun interests to connect with their students.

Ms. Myers is the Department Chair for Guidance. She has many jobs and duties in the guidance office from peers to students. She oversees the last names Kn-Rm, through Grades 10-12. Ms. Myers stated, “I help students and staff members work out problems and issues they may be facing, as well managing other counselors and duties.” Some of Ms. Myers' personal interests are her love for her family and soccer. She is also the girls' soccer head coach for MHS. Her message to all students is, “We in the counseling office are always here and willing to help.”

Ms. Cloud is another guidance counselor at MHS. She oversees last names A-Em, specifically for Grades 10-12. Her main job is scheduling and making plans for her students. She deals with college applications and getting classes situated. She also helps with social and emotional problems students may be facing. Ms. Cloud previously worked at Orchard View Intermediate and stated, “Meeting with students and watching them grow is my favorite part of the job.” Her message to students is, “Chill out! It is going to be okay. Keep moving forward because it is an exciting time, us adults are also excited to view students create their future.”

Ms. Rahilly deals with guidance for last names En-Km, through grades 10-12. Her main role is scheduling and talking to students that come in with academic, personal, family, or emotional problems. She stated, “I am always happy to chat about anything, as well as college or career options. Ms. Rahilly loves concerts, painting, reading, binge watching tv, and crocheting. Her message to students is, “Want to talk about anything or need anything? I am here for you. Anyone can come talk to me.”

Ms. Smith oversees guidance for last names Rn-Z, through grades 10-12. Her duties are counseling, scheduling, and meeting with 10-12 grade students for assistance. She stated some of her personal information is, “I love reading, my dogs, my two-year-old daughter, and Harry Potter.” Her message to all students of MHS is, “If you need help with ANYTHING come see us!”

Ms. Dofflemyer is the final guidance counselor at MHS, who oversees all freshmen. She enjoys writing, specifically creative writing. She has one son who lives in Connecticut, who she loves very much. She is also very active on her church’s media team. Her message to all students is, “I care and like to help you with any problems you have.”

All the MHS guidance counselors care deeply about every student. They work hard every day to help and lead students in the right direction. It is important to all staff and members that if you need help, then come down to the guidance counseling office. The guidance office is located down the hall from the sign out office, inside the last door on the left. The guidance counselors are happy to see anyone during the school day, and all emails can be found on the Martinsburg High School website.

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MHS Guidance Counselors, Ms. Rahilly, Ms. Myers, Ms. Dofflemyer, Ms. Hanson, and Ms. Smith

Preparing For Winter Weather

By: Kamaya Denson

Winter weather is coming our way and it is best to be prepared, especially on the roads and while driving. There are many new and inexperienced drivers who may not know how to properly prepare and deal with the upcoming weather. Taking care of your car and being aware while on the road is necessary, but it is also important to remember not to drive unless you absolutely have to while it’s icy or snowing.

The first thing to do is always make sure any ice is scraped off your windshield, mirrors, and camera, if you have one. An ice scraper should always be kept in your car to clear away any ice and snow. You need to be able to see clearly when driving, especially on icy roads. It’s also best to check your windshield wipers for and damage and to use windshield wiper fluid with antifreeze in it to be sure it doesn’t freeze when you need to use it. Another important thing is to make sure you have enough fuel in your car, about half a tank or more, to ensure that the gas line doesn’t freeze.

While on the road it is important to be aware of the road and other drivers more so though than usual, considering ice and snow that can cause you to lose control of the car. If you do happen to lose control of the car steer in the same direction as the skid to make sure you won’t need to overcorrect to remain in the correct lane. Be aware of your speed and accelerate and decelerate slowly so you never lose control. A greater follow distance between cars is also recommended just to be safe. To avoid sliding on ice it’s best to avoid stopping when you're going uphill. There are also basic things that car inspections cover such as checking your battery, lights, and tires.

Martinsburg High student, Laya Chennuru stated, "I think it is very important to educate the student body, especially new drivers, of safety on the roads in cold weather. I think it is always smart to warm up your vehicle to prevent any dangerous situations." It’s always best to avoid driving, when possible, but it can’t always be done. Knowing how your car works in snow is also necessary but you can’t learn how your car handles snow until you're actually driving through it. Being extra attentive while driving and going the proper speeds will help everyone be safer on the roads and get to where there going without harm.

The James Webb Telescope Ready For Launch

By: Colin O'Kelley

On December 22nd, the heir to the Hubble telescope, the James Webb Telescope is going to launch. The power of this telescope is going to allow us to see how the earliest stars formed and help us understand the beginnings of our universe.

Of course, with the creation of an all-new and powerful telescope comes a slew of technological upgrades. The previous space telescope, Hubble, was launched on April 24, 1990, and since then, a whole twenty years later, there have been a lot of advances in our technology. According to, some of the new upgrades include “near and mid-infrared detectors, sunshield materials, micro shutters and wavefront sensing and control.” All these upgrades allow the new and improved James Webb telescope to be 100 times more powerful than its precursor. Both the James Webb and Hubble are reflector telescopes which require mirrors to function properly. Specifically, the Webb telescope has a mirror that has 18 segments. This primary mirror will open to have a span of 6.5 meters, which compared to Hubble's 2.4 meters, is a huge increase in size.

The James Webb telescope, with all its new technology serves a very great purpose to humans. When it is launched into space and is ready to be used, it will help scientists study the first stars that formed about 400 million years following the Big Bang. It will help us understand more of the first stages of planetary systems formations. Because light travels at 186,000 miles-per-second, looking back at stars that formed 400 million years ago replicates looking back into time. Being able to look back in time will help us comprehend more of our cosmic origins. However, looking back into the first galaxies and how they were formed is no small feat. MHS student Eli Tompkins said, “The James Webb telescope is a modern marvel of human engineering. It’s ability to see some of the first stars ever formed is easily one of the most interesting and important factors to why the telescope is essential to astronomy.” This is very exciting for everybody, as we will be able to see into the past and discover new things.

On the proposed launch date of December 22nd, 2021, this telescope will launch and approximately six months later, it will be operational, allowing us to see farther than ever.

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Image of The James Webb Telescope

The New Face of Facebook

By: Aden Reid

On October 28th, the social company Facebook inc. changed its name to Meta inc. to reflect their new focus. Meta is still the same company with all the same subsidiaries, but will now be putting all of its attention towards their new project, the metaverse.

Now, Meta’s new focus is building the metaverse: a combination of several types of technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and video. It is a virtual world to socialize with people, make work easier, play with friends, or do anything you want. Since Facebook is only changing its name, Meta will still act as the owner or umbrella company of Instagram, Facebook app, Whatsapp, Oculus VR, ect.

Senior, Colin O’Kelley, when asked his opinion on it said, “The metaverse could be used to easily communicate with others. The younger generation will probably use it for gaming while it might be harder for older people to transfer to using VR. I wouldn’t want to use it in school for learning, as it would make everything more complicated, but more for communication. This could be a better alternative to using zoom; it would be expensive for average people to get, but easy for big companies.” Metas meaning in Greek is “beyond” to emphasize that they are going beyond and making the technology of the future. The soonest we can start to see the metaverse is in the first half of 2022.

Christmas Traditions Make Holidays Brighter

By: Kaitlyn Dudley

The most popular holiday in the United States of America is Christmas, which has been recognized as a federal holiday since 1870. Those who celebrate Christmas, most likely participate in one or more traditions that are typically done around the holiday season. One of the most popular, and classic, traditions is to buy a Christmas tree. Some families choose to buy an artificial tree to reuse yearly, or some take the tradition further and pick out a real one each year. There are many Christmas tree farms around the area such as Spring Retreat Christmas Tree Farm, Good Spirits Tree Farm, and Dehaven Tree Farm. Most of the time, there are also pop-up tree shops around the area. Whether you choose an artificial tree or cutting down your own, decorating with ornaments and lights is one of the most classic traditions there are. Some families also enjoy driving around looking at lights, baking cookies, singing carols, and much more.

Senior, Maya Goj-Smolec, reflects on her Christmas traditions by sharing, “We have a big meal on Christmas Eve and then we open presents after the first star of that night. My mom cooks dinner while my sister and I bake dessert.” On sharing her favorite tradition she says, “I think my favorite one is that we open our gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning.”

One of the most beloved purposes for the holiday season is how friends and family can spend time with each other during break. Traditions are unique to each family, and some are only continued when children are young, such as Elf on the Shelf, writing a list to Santa Claus, and even leaving out cookies on Christmas Eve night for Santa. Another senior, Kayla Ramis, says her favorite tradition is “Going around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve to look at lights!”

Not only are traditions continued through families, but there are also traditions throughout the nation. In New York, the Rockettes never fail to put on a great Christmas show. New York also annually hosts a tree lighting ceremony at Rockafeller. However, due to COVID-19, there have been gates put up in the past two years to help alleviate the population directly around the tree. Radios also play carols and Christmas favorites, all holiday season.

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Clearbrook Park; Walking in a Winter Wonderland Lights

The Celebration of La Posadas

By: Margarita Salvador

Las's posadas are a religious festival the Catholics celebrate from December 16th to December 24th . The traditions started when Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph did not find a place to stay. They knocked on doors to see if someone would give them an inn and no one gave them a place to sleep. They ended up going to a cave and there the Child of God was born. Posadas are held to relieve the journey of what they have been through and to remember them. Every year it has become a tradition and a party they have at night.

The posadas are celebrated by having 9 days of going to the person who hosts the party. On December 24th, the final night to celebrate las posadas will be held Church which is called midnight mass. To start off, they do a Rosary bead. After praying for the rosary there will be half the groups of people that will go outside and stand at the front doors and the other half the group will stay inside at the front door. They will start singing a carol song about Mary and Joseph, going to people’s houses to see if there’s a place for them. The people who are outside are singing their part about letting them while the people inside are singing about rejecting them. After everything is finished. Everyone comes inside and has a big feast.

The most common food that they’ll serve is tamales. For the drinks are poncho, champurrado, and cafe con concha or pan del dueled. The posada in Mexico is a little different but similar. In Mexico, the children are dressed up as angels. It’s the town that gathers up to celebrate it together. They walk in the street, singing carol songs. Head to mass and then have a big party like little kids hitting the pinatas. Giving out bags of candy, toys and sometimes money. A former student who went to MHS Itzel Tolentino has experience of going to a Las posada. In the previous year her family had hosted one in her house. She quoted, "I really enjoyed going to posadas to go pray with their friends and relative”. Then after they pray, they have some singing and then eat delicious food.

The lyrics of the songs:


outisde- en el nombre del cielo os pido posada, pues no puede andar mi esposa amada.

inside- Aqui no es mesón sigan adelante yo no debo abriri no ea algun tunante

outisde- Venimos rendidos desde Nazaret, yo soy carpintero de nombre Jose

inside- No me importa el nombre dejenme dormir pues que yo les digo que no hemos de abrir

outside- posada te pide, amado casero por solo una noche, la Reina del Cielo

inside- pues si es una reina quien lo solicita, como esque de noche anda tan solita?

outside- Mi esposa es Maria, es Reina del Cielo y madre va ser del Divino Verbo

inside- Eres tu Jose? Tu espopra es Maria? Entren, peregrinos no los conocia.

outside- Dios pague, senores vuestras caridad, y que os colme el cielo de felicidad

Dichosa la casa que alberga este dia a la Virgen pura la hermosa Maria.


outside- In the name of heaven, I ask of you shelter, for my beloved wife can go no farther.

inside- There's no inn here, go on with you, I can't open up, you might be a rogue.

outside- We're weary from traveling from Nazareth. I am a carpenter by the name of Joseph

inside- I don't care who you are, Let me sleep. I already told you we're not going to open.

outside- I ask you for lodging dear man of the house. Just for one night for the Queen of Heaven.

inside- Well, if it's a queen who's asking us for it, why does she travel all alone and at night?

outisde- My wife is Mary, she's the Queen of Heaven who is going to be the mother of the Divine world.

inside- Are you Joseph? Your wife is Mary? Enter, Pilgrims: I did not recognize you

outside- May God repay, kind people, your charity and thus heaven heap happiness upon you.

Blessed is the house that shelters this day the purest Virgin the beautiful Mary.

How to Make the Perfect Sugar Cookie

By: Quinn Hughes

With crisp edges, thick centers, and room for plenty of creative decorating icing, the most perfect sugar is able to be achieved. The most famous way to bake the perfect sugar cookie is used by millions of Americans. Although plenty of recipes can be found online, the most perfect sugar cookie recipe includes:

  • 3 cups baking flour

  • 1 1/12 teaspoons baking powder

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • 3 softened sticks of butter

  • 1 ½ cups granulated sugar

  • 2 large eggs

  • 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract

In order to achieve the best of the best with this cookie, bake like normal. This means mix all dry ingredients first, and in a separate electric mixer, mix butter and salt. Mix these ingredients until they appear light and fluffy, and then add eggs and vanilla. Next, slowly add in the bowl of dry ingredients for about thirty seconds. Once all the ingredients are mixed together evenly, scoop out little 1 inch balls of dough. Fill a bowl of sugar, and roll the ball for just a second until covered. Place the dough on a covered baking sheet and space them about 2 inches away from the next cookie. Flatten the ball until it is around ⅓ to ½ inches thick. Bake each of the cookies for about 9-11 minutes in an oven on 375 degrees. Check on the cookies regularly and pull them out when they are golden brown to have a perfectly baked cookie. Let them cool for a few minutes and then it's time for your personalized decorating!

For cut-out sugar cookies, get the dough prepared first. Then take some out of the bowl and place it on a lightly floured surface. Roll out the dough, and get our cookie cutters! Make sure the cookies are thick enough and choose your favorite cookie cutter. Christmas trees, candy canes, and snowmen are the most popular around this time of year. The next step requires moving the cookie onto the baking sheet. Bake these cookies just like the recipe above. Let them cool and prepare for decorating. When decorating these cookies, most people use icing from the stores and toppings like rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, confetti, and chocolate chips. For a homemade icing, a popular recipe includes simply stirring together the following ingredients:

  • Powdered sugar

  • Whole milk

  • Light corn syrup

  • Vanilla extract

  • Pinch of salt

If the icing comes out too thick, add a bit more milk. If it is too thin, add just a little more powdered sugar, until the icing comes together the way you desire. If you decide you want to add color to the icing, simply add a few drops of food dye until you are happy with the way it tastes and looks.

Hot Chocolate: A Classic for Centuries

By: Jason Bednarski

It feels like the argument about what the best hot chocolate is, happens every holiday season, when people like to drink it. This drink’s history started in Mesoamerica, where it was first produced by the Olmec in 1750 BC. It was made from crushed cocoa beans, chili peppers, and water. After the Spanish conquistadors returned to Spain from Mesoamerica with cocoa, they decided to add a new ingredient for that time which was sugar. Since sugar needs to be heated to dissolve, this beverage with the cocoa and sugar became known as hot chocolate.

In modern times there are so many different ways to make hot chocolate and so many different ingredients people like to put in their hot chocolate. According to Bon Appetit’s Website, the best hot chocolate contains cocoa powder, whole milk, semisweet chocolate, granulated sugar, and lightly sweetened whipped cream. Rivers Jenkins, a former Martinsburg High student said, “My favorite hot chocolate is regular milk chocolate, I like the powder kind that comes in the packs”.

Many people when asked would say their favorite hot chocolate is with marshmallows.

According to Trinity Jenkins, a Martinsburg High student, “I personally love marshmallows on my hot chocolate.” Lindsey Hall, a former Martinsburg High student said, “Hot chocolate is not complete without a sprinkle of marshmallows, but add marshmallow cream and it is out of this world.” Marshmallows are such a great touch to the hot chocolate and according to Lolo Taylor-Perotti , a Martinsburg High student, “I love marshmallows on my hot chocolate because it makes it creamier.” Another Martinsburg High Student Noah Young said, “Marshmallows are good in hot chocolate because it adds texture to the drink." So, Don't let this holiday season pass you by without enjoying a cup of hot chocolate!

MHS Students Prepare New Year’s Resolutions

By: Laya Chennuru

New Year’s Resolutions can be a wonderful way to set new goals and remind oneself of the importance of experiencing new opportunities. The tradition of New Year’s resolutions originated through the ancient Babylonians approximately 4,000 years ago. Ancient Romans began a similar practice in hopes of manifesting a fulfilling future in upcoming calendar years, offering their resolutions to pagan gods. Throughout the years, several religious denominations, primarily in Christianity, began to celebrate the coming of a new year through prayers and resolutions as an occasion to repent for past mistakes. Though this tradition was originally rooted in religion, modern resolutions have become a widely appreciated secular activity. Today, most people create goals or objectives dedicated towards self-amelioration and individual purposes rather than religious obligations.

As 2021 comes to an end, Martinsburg High School’s students have started compiling their most important resolutions for the upcoming year. Kailey Jaston, a senior, states, “I hope to meditate at least once a week, stop talking negatively towards myself, and drink eight glasses of water a day.” In fact, a number of students hope to focus primarily on improving their sleep schedules and maintaining healthy physical habits, due to the high stress levels many feel accustomed to during the year. James Estranas, a junior, says, “I look forward to achieving the many resolutions I have for this year! I want to improve my time management and definitely get more sleep.” Other resolutions are geared towards learning new pastimes, as mentioned by another senior, Kesi Boaitey, who aspires to improve her cooking skills. “I have always wanted to cook or bake more than I do now. I want to make time for it this year.”

While a multitude of students at Martinsburg High School have already established specific resolutions and goals for 2022, there are a great deal of people who are apathetic or indifferent towards this timeless tradition. Many claim they have not taken the time to think about possible personal milestones or simply are not interested in celebrating this aspect of the New Year. Whatever the case, the holiday season is a time to focus on those around us, as well as ourselves. Whether it be building relationships, giving to charity, or accomplishing new tasks, New Year’s resolutions are yet another holiday tradition to explore what a fresh year has to offer.


Back Row- Antonio Diaz, Aden Reid, Colin O'Kelley, K'Marion Dowe, Kaitlyn Dudley, and Advisor Ms. Foreman.

Second Row- Laya Chennuru, Editor- Valerie Clabaugh, Karlee Domenico, Quinn Hughes, Amani Jones.

Front Row- Margarita Salvador, Jason Bednarski, Kamaya Denson.

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