AP Biology Newsletter

What's going on in AP Biology?

Wishing Everyone a Happy Holiday!

As we finish up midterm week, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Holiday! I hope you and yours have a safe and relaxing break!

HeLa Project

To kick off the start of the new semester, we will begin with our HeLa project. The students will learn about Henrietta Lacks and her unknowing contribution to science and medicine. This project will culminate in a debate: where the scientists justified in using her cells without permission because of all of the good that came from them, OR should her family be recognize and compensated for Henrietta's sacrifice?

Then... On to Evolution!

Evolution Unit

In our sixth unit, we will explore Artificial Selection, Natural Selection and Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. Lots of fun labs in this unit, along with discussions of Charles Darwin!

Third Nine Weeks Extra Credit Opportunity

The third nine weeks extra credit opportunity will entail taking the Multiple Choice Section of a Practice AP Biology Exam. Students can earn up to 2 points on their overall average for the nine weeks! Stay tuned for more details :)

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