by :aby

when the temperature in a specific region stays the same for a long time, it is called climate. That is why a desert climate is known as hot a swampy climate is known as humid.There are different types of climate around the world. There is hot,cold,wet,and dry depending on the region . The area near the equator has hotter climate called el nino .The area s north and south of the equator are cooler and called La nina . There are four seaons,winter,spring,summer and fall,which can change depending on the position of the earth to the sun. The side of the earth that faces the sun will have a warmer climate then the side facing the cold. dark side of space . Mountains and large bodies of water affect climate because they can work as force fields and hold back weather, like snow . Global warming causes more heat from the sun to enter the earth's atmosphere and melt ice caps. Hot temperatures allows water to rise up to 20 feet more , Where cooler temperatures keep the water levels down .