May MultiMedia

Library Update

Tips & Reminders

End of Year Due Date: All MultiMedia materials will be due back on June 11th for our summer inventory. The daily mailbags will also stop on June 12th and summer weekly delivery will begin.

Lost Materials & Book Requests: If a book has been lost or damaged while on loan in your district, please let us know! Your district does not owe any fee for the item. We ask that you let us know so that we can keep up-to-date numbers on our collection. If there is a book title or DVD that you would like to use in the future, please let me know. We are beginning to put together purchase orders.

Courier Delivery: If you have ordered multiple copies of a book (generally more than 5 copies or so) please expect your items to be delivered on your specific courier day. Anything more than 5 copies is generally to heavy for the bus drivers to carry. If you are unsure of your courier delivery day, please contact me.

Booking Multiple books: Multiple books are booked out by COPY, not as classroom sets. If you are looking to order more than one copy of a book, you must enter the amount in the "how many" spot on the ordering page. If you run into any difficulties with this please let us know.

Login Refresher: Usernames and passwords are generally first initial last name. An additional A or B may be at the end of the username if you have a popular name. The generic password for everyone is WSWHEBOCES (not case sensitive). Passwords cannot be changed. Having a generic password makes our pass-through streaming service run smoothly and avoids having to login multiple times on different websites.

2015 Regents Review Schedule:

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Please email Esther Humiston and tell her which regents review topics you would like and how many copies your school will need.

Fall Visits & Professional Development

I am planning my fall 2015 school visits now. If you are interested in having me come visit your school for a MultiMedia workshop, please contact me.

Contact Us!

The MultiMedia library is open 7:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday. Please call or email us if you have any problems or requests!