Lyon News, 11.13.15

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Weekly Update

Thank you for all the awesome planning of Veterans' Day activities, transportation department banners, SIT conversations, collaboration meetings,and PDP conferences! Amazing things are going on at Lyon!

Faculty Meeting

  • Next week's Faculty Meeting will be led by our CIA department, walking us through the Units of Instruction.
  • As for Chapter 2 of our Book Study, please answer the following question by clicking on the embedded link. There are 3 reflection questions awaiting your response.
  • After reading chapter 2, I am hoping you now see the alignment to Formative Assessment.
  • I will complete an electronic agenda prior to Tuesday's meeting for you to peruse.

Upcoming Events


17: Papa John's Pizza Night, wear jeans and a Republic Shirt (hopefully we get the real shirts)

17 p.m./18 a.m.: Faculty Meeting

18: FEMA drill, Casey out of the building

20: Picture Retakes

24: Fire Drill

25: Thanksgiving Break


1: "Sprinkle" for Mrs. Kreher, Deck the Halls of Lyon (volunteers needed to decorate Lyon for the holidays)

Lyon Shout-Outs!

  • Thank you to Lyon's Leadership team for staying until 5:00 on Thursday to hash out first quarter data.
  • Thank you to all teachers for getting those MOY PDPs knocked out! Impressive data within those! Way to go.

Leadership Meeting Recap

  • Lyon's leaders will be speaking to you about current celebrations and opportunities for improvement with Quarter 1 data. A snapshot of my report will be placed in the Early Release folder for you to view.
  • GLIPs need to be updated prior to Thanksgiving Break
  • Schedule changes are still important, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Brown will be speaking to grade levels to begin these changes after Christmas Break. Those grade levels with no changes, please create a new schedule and share with office and admin.
  • Lunch procedures: Can you please line up students based upon lunch choice? This would be helpful to the cooks.
  • Lyon office will be providing a catered lunch for TBD