Quebec's Independent Movement

By: Nicholas, Zach, Alex

Quebecs indpent movement

Quebec joined Canada in 1867, and occasionally the topic of becoming its own country appeared but not till 1960 did it really become a concern. Quebec wants independence from Canada because when the Battle of Plains of Abraham concluded. Great Britain obtained control of Quebec. Even though it was owned by Canada the French stayed there. The rest of the country was taken control of by British and other countries. The people in Quebec found it difficult to relate and communicate with all of the other people in the other provinces. Then the question arose "What if we became our own country?".

Quebec should not become its own country

Some citizens don't think Quebec should be its own country because of economical needs.Quebec has the cheapest prices in Canada for good and supplies, and if Quebec leaves then Canadian citizens could suffer tremendously. Another reason Quebec shouldn't become its own country because people in eastern Canada would have to get a passport to travel to western Canada. This would be an extra expensive for people who are visiting western Canada. Which could cause economical problems. This would also be considered treason that one of the Canadian provinces wants to leave Canada and become its own country. They're also Canada's top supply supporter and they're located by the sea so they're a major asset with trade. If they leave trade will become much more complicated for all countries

Quebec should become its own country

Quebec wants to become its own country because they won't have to constantly donate resources( Quebec produces 29% of all goods manufactured in Canada, and is the main leader in all provinces in paper) to the such as wood. Instead they can keep all of the resources. Quebec should become its own country because it is very hard to elect and make political decisions, if not everybody is the same culture. People feel that they should be able to have their own main religions and laws. Since they're mostly French they want French people to be the top race rather than a mix of everyone from Canada. They also wouldn't need to worry about trade or supplies because they have major sea port and a great overall location to obtain supplies.
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In conclusion Quebec is in a movement right now to become its own country click above to vote if they should or not become its own country.