Daisy Bates

civil rights activist

Basic information about Daisy Bates

her full name is Daisy Lee Gatson Bates

Born : November 11 1914

Died : November 4 1999

she was 85 years old when she died

married to : L. C. Bates

occupation : newspaper owner ( community organizer )

known for : little rock integration crisis of 1957

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  • Daisy is a African American who fought against the human rights in 1957

  • she didn't live with her birth parents

  • she was apart of NAACP (National association for the advancement of colored people)

Why did she start protesting?

  • Daisy Didn't have a good childhood . She was adopted, her mother was raped and murdered by three white men and her birth father left because it was to much to handle so he left her with his close friend. Because of this traumatic experience it fueled her hunger to help fight segregation and as soon as she left home she went to help fight segregation by joining the NAACP.

what kind of experience did she go through?

  • She has then had many great experiences including winning woman of the year for all her work in 1957. She won the spingarn medal, the diamond cross of Malta she has also got a street and the high school named after her in Arkansas in her honor and a joint holiday day. all of her hardships and experiences paid off as she has won some very honorable awards.

how she made a difference?

She played a big part in fighting segregation. As soon as she left home she joined the NAACP ( National association for the advancement of colored people). Then she became the president of the Arkansas branch of the NAACP. She specialized in helping school education for African Americans She then went on to make the first integrated school in south america happen. She also with the help of her husband created the first newspaper for African Americans in the Arkansas community.

who helped her protest?

  • her husband

  • her students

  • the NAACP

  • The African American community of Arkansas

did she succeed with what she wanted to achieve?

she achieved by playing a part in making a stop to separation of black and white people for them to be treated the same. She made a big difference in many peoples lives she just wanted to help and thats what she ended up doing.