Butts are gross. by Serenity Cook

No one wants to kiss someone with smoker's breath. You jerk.

Smoking can literally make your life hell.
5 Health Issues that have to do with smoking/chew
1)Coronary Heat Disease ( leading cause of death in the U.S.)
2) Stomach Cancer
3) Lung Cancer (duh)
4) Mouth Cancer (double duh)
5) Acute Myeloid Leukimia
oh and I forgot DEATH.... But if you're a smoker your basically DEAD already.
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What kinds of hell are in cigarettes and chew?

So, do you people know about that stuff they use to preserve dead bodies? Yeah, its called Formaldehyde, and its in Cigarettes.
And ladies, you know that stuff you use to take of your nail polish? Acetone is also in Cigarettes.
That gross smelling crap that comes out of someone's car exhaust called Carbon Monoxide is in cigarette smoke as well.
Remember that really weird smelling stuff that your mom/dad asked you to clean the toilet with, Ammonia, is also in cigarettes.
And do you all remember studying the Holocaust or learning about Hitler? Do you remember hearing about the gas chambers? Well that gas they used to kill people is in Cigarettes.

Do you really want to inhale the stuff that killed so many innocent people in WWII?
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Want to quit now?

Three ways to quit smoking/chewing
1) If you're a smoker, get rid of the cigarettes and eat lollipops.
2) If your a chewer eat and spit sunflower seeds