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Week of November 7, 2022

Scotty Updates

Scotty Updates has been created to provide families and staff with information regarding upcoming events, happenings, and programs at Scotland Elementary School. Please take time each Monday to review our newsletter.

Scotland Visitor Log

To ensure the safety of all, if you are scheduled to come into the building for a meeting, classroom event, library helper, or any other visit, you will need to fill out this form before arriving at school.

A Message from Jill & Tim

Dear Scotland Families and Staff,

I hope you are all well, and enjoyed the weekend! We had a wonderful Halloween sing-a-long on Monday! Please find the video created by Mr. Tornatore below!!

We have had some instances in the past few weeks related to cell phones and smart watches. If a parent makes the decision to permit their child to have a cell phone, smartwatch, or similar device at school, we ask that the cell phone or smartwatch be turned off and in the child’s backpack at all times. This includes the duration of the bus ride. As you might imagine, a cell phone or similar device in any school setting would be a disruption to learning or the social environment. We have also seen that the Fitbit and other fitness trackers can be a distraction. If these fitness devices cause a distraction, a teacher will ask a student to remove the distraction, and likely the teacher will contact you about the concern. E-readers, Nooks, Kindles are only permitted to support reading in school or on the bus, if a teacher determines it is helpful and has told a parent it is allowed.

As always, in the event that a student needs to place a call, they are welcome to use the phone in the main office or with a teacher. If a student is found to be using a cell phone or smartwatch at school, the cell phone or smartwatch will be held in the main office until a parent can come to retrieve it.


Our Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on Friday, November 18th, Monday, November 21st, and Tuesday, November 22nd. Parent/Teacher conferences will be offered in-person or virtually. These three days will be early dismissal days. Your child's teacher will be sharing conference information in the coming week, if they have not already done so. Afternoon conferences will be held from from 12:40pm to 3:20pm. On Monday, November 21st, there are also evening conferences from 5:00-6:30pm.

Due to Parent/Teacher Conferences, Scotland School will be dismissed at 11:40am on November 18th, 21st, and 22nd. As we do on all early dismissal days, lunch will be served, but there will be no recess. We are excited to meet with you, and discuss your child(ren)'s progress so far this year!


Take care and have a great week!

Kind regards,

Jill & Tim

Scotland Halloween Sing-A-Long

A huge thank you to Mr. Tornatore for putting this video together, and to Mr. O’Reilly and Mrs. Kounnas for filming!

Spotlight on Curriculum 🔦

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Scotland Celebrates Fall! 🍂

The PTA needs your help decorating our new Scotty Celebrates Fall Bulletin Board. Please click on this link below and upload a photo of your family celebrating a fall holiday or participating in a fall activity. We'll be printing and displaying your photos on our new bulletin board so students can see the unique ways we all celebrate fall.

Attention 5th Grade Families!

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Events & Happenings 📆

Monday, November 7th:

  • E Day

Tuesday, November 8th:

  • No school for students - Election Day
  • Professional learning for staff

Wednesday, November 9th:

  • F Day

Thursday, November 10th:

  • A Day

Friday, November 11th:

  • No school - Veterans Day


Coming Soon:

Tuesday, November 8th:

  • Election Day - No school for students; Professional learning for teachers

Friday, November 11th:

  • No school - Veterans Day

November 18th - November 22nd:

  • Early Dismissal: 11:40am - Elementary School Conferences

Wednesday, November 23rd:

  • Early Dismissal - Thanksgiving Eve

November 24th-November 25th:

  • No school - Thanksgiving Recess

Lost & Found

Please find new items in our lost & found!!
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Snaps around Scotland 📸

A Note from Our PTA

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Scotties Helping Scotties!

Within the Scotland community, affording supplies, field trips, yearbooks, enrichment, and activities is never something a student should miss because of financials!

The PTA sets funds aside to help families in our community. We all experience financial challenges, from layoffs to life's moments and everything in between.

If you are experiencing any type of financial challenge, please email the principal about your needs. Your request is FULLY ANONYMOUS to everyone except our principal.

Do not be bashful; our community is always here to help! Please reach out to Jill with any needs you may have!


The Square1Art fundraiser is here! Square1Art provides you the opportunity to purchase keepsakes and gifts featuring your child’s art. Every order helps to support Scotland Elementary School PTA.
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How it Works

1. CREATE Create artwork using the Square1Art Template sent home, or download your own template here!

2. TAKE A PHOTO Take a photo of your child’s art using an iPhone or tablet

3. UPLOAD Upload your art online at:

4. SHOP Shop for keepsakes! Place orders through Nov 7th. Order early to receive gifts in time for the holidays!

Information to keep handy...

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Library Volunteers!

Hello and welcome to a New Year in the SES Library! We are excited to once again have volunteers during Library Classes. The SES library is looking for volunteers to help with library book check out, reshelving returned books and hands-on activities. If you have time in your busy day to volunteer, the SES library would appreciate your help!

No long-term commitment necessary and it is not hard to do. If you have some time during the day and would like to be a part of the fun, here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) Click the link below to see our Sign-Ups by grade on


First Grade:

Second Grade:

Third Grade:

Fourth Grade:

Fifth Grade:

2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you would like. Please be considerate of other families and choose a few spots to begin with. Once everyone has had a chance to sign up, you can go back and volunteer for any open spots. If you do not see your class listed, it means it already has a volunteer.

3.) Fill out the Visitor Form to let us know the time and day you are coming to Volunteer.

The link is:

Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp. Use the links here or find them on the SES PTA WEBSITE

Please contact Amy Tomasco at with any questions.

It's not scary to help out in the LIBRARY!

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⚽️ 🎼 Essentials 🎨 📚

  • Each class will have one 45 minute essential per day (art, library, music, or PE)
  • We will continue to follow the six day A-F day schedule
  • Please find the essentials rotation below
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Arrival & Dismissal 🚗

We will follow a similar drop off / pick up procedure that we did last year.


  • Drop off begins at 8:30am. Please do not drop off your child prior to 8:30am as there will be no supervision at this time.


  • Pick up will begin at 3:25pm.
  • Each day, please have your child(ren)’s first and last name displayed on your passenger visor, and have it remain visible until your child is in the car. This needs to be bold and large enough to be visible at a distance. This is a very important step to ensure we have your child ready when you arrive.
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  • For the safety of both students and staff, proceed carefully and slowly through the lot.
  • Please have your child exit/enter the vehicle when your gear is in the park position and is one of the cars at the front of the line designated for drop off.
  • Students must exit the vehicle on the passenger side (building side) of the vehicle. Multiple children must exit on the passenger side. It is dangerous to exit/enter on the driver's side of the vehicle!
  • Students need to have all of their items ready in hand and will then exit the car immediately.
  • Parents, please stay in your vehicle at all times so that the process will prevent backups on Barlow Mountain Road.
  • If you miss the drop off time (after 8:45 a.m.), please park in the front lot and walk your child across the designated crosswalk to the main entrance of the building. If you arrive after the drop off window and must park in the parking lot, we ask that you kindly use the crosswalk.

Chromebooks 💻

Chromebooks K-5:
  • For information on this year's Chromebook distribution and policies click here to watch a short video
  • If you have further questions or concerns email:

School Lunch 🥪

Ridgefield Public Schools announced that they have contracted with Aramark to be the District’s new food service provider. Aramark’s commitment to excellence, affordability, the environment, and diversity were all important in this decision.

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) advised that federal funds have been allocated for the Free School Meals for Children grant.

  • Funding will support free lunches for all students in grades K-8 until funds are depleted.
  • Snacks and additional items will be available through The Lunch Time POS system that allows students to purchase their lunch by entering a 5-digit code at the cash register. These items can be prepaid online at School Payment Portal Powered By LunchTime Software and at the school kitchen. Please read the letter here.

School Lunch will be available from the first day of school.

The school lunch menu is available online on the RPS website; click District Offices and click on Food Service, as well as below.

There will be no change in the payment system; all school lunch balances will roll over.

Questions in regard to Lunch Time POS can be directed to Eric Nickelson, RPS Food Service Director at 203-894-5550 x1127 or

Please find the lunch menu below.

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School Dismissal Manager

We will continue to use School Dismissal Manager this year at Scotland. Please click below for information regarding this system. This system will be available to families in late August. A welcome letter will be emailed to families when the system is available. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!