Look out Kinder! Here we come!

June 5, 2015

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PK 4.2 has been putting together a special ceremony to show you all the wonderful things we have learned throughout the year. We are so excited to share them with you on Wednesday, June 10th! Our show will take place at 8:15 a.m. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Please send the students wearing
(Boys) jeans and a white shirt
(Girls ) can wear a white dress

Please send them in the school bus
so that we can get ready before the celebration takes place and have everything and everyone set up and ready in the morning before parents start showing up!

Thanks in advance to all the families who will be able to come and participate!
If you or any family member will not be able to make it, it is best for your child not to come on this day.

Book of the Week

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June 10 - End of the year Show

June 16 - Sports Day - Here’s just a heads up about the upcoming PK sports day (Tuesday June 16, on the upper court and field).Since most PK 3 kids are half day, Mrs. Ingrid planned the PK3 sports day in the morning, they will start at 8.30 and finish around 9.30/9.45.

PK 4 will be before or after their lunch, it will take about 1,5 hour to complete the sports day. The kids will come to school wearing their PE uniform.

June 18- Last day of school (Half day)