Environment Explorers

Abby Beane, Lincoln Lenox, TJ Gutierrez


Animals are invading our backyards because the rapid development of schools is destroying there habitats.

Issues and Evidence

Causes and Effects

Coyotes walk into the neighborhoods. The coyotes eat dogs. NISD built schools over trees.so the birds have to relocate. The animals don't have food.So they have to relocate to find food.

Solving the Problem

Our plan is to have vets move the animals to an animal center that should be built not too close to the school preferably by the CVS by Sendera Ranch Elementary school where there is enough space behind the store to build the center. The Center will provide a natural habitat for the animals. The Center will have heaters and coolers for winter and summer migration. Also the center will provide food for the animals so they will be happy in their new home just like their first habitat. We Will raise money with a fundraiser. We will use the money to hire construction workers to build the center.

Benefits and Consequences

If the school board does agree to our plan the Coyotes will have a home and not eat dogs.The animals will thrive.Also the animals will have a natural habitat to live in.If the school board does not accept our plan,the animals will not thrive.The animal will get into are yards and possibly our houses.Also the animals will be hurt or they will hurt us.
the resources we used werewww.whitewolfpack.com and www.pinterest.com also www.arkives.com.
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