Modern War

What troops go through

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Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down gives a story of modern war in Iraq. It demonstrates the struggle of survival when a military helicopter crashes and the troops have to utilize the training and hard work they put in before deploying. "Excited. In a good way. I've been training my whole life for this," (96).
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American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History

American Sniper highlights the events Chris Kyle, a Navy Seal, went through during training and warfare. He had men die on top of him and killed countless enemy insurgents. This definitely had an effect of his life in the United States, missing significant events of his childrens life and leaving his wife hone to take care of him all by herself. Despite all of this, he loved every minute of it. "...a Blackhawk H-60 was waiting for me and another guy who's been working with the GROM, a coms specialist named Adam. We looked at each other and smiled. We were thrilled to be getting into a real battle," (153).
Black Hawk Down - Super 6-1 going down
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