There's No Place Like Home

December 2015

No Place Like Home

I recently read the story about Philip Nolan and then came across this writing from a friend and thought it would be nice to share as well as use for our English Corner discussion:

If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. John 14:23

The Man Without a Country is a sad story that tells the plight of Philip Nolan, who renounces the United States of America and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life on warships of the United States Navy, without the right to ever again set foot on U.S. soil or hear its name mentioned.

One of the saddest stories in real life is the plight of the homeless who live on city streets and parks throughout the country. These are people with a thousand different stories to tell, but who all have one thing in common, the absence of a place they can call “home.”

The saddest story of all is to learn of someone who is spiritually homeless. There is no greater emptiness, loneliness, or isolation than this. Jesus Christ came to make His home within our hearts. His presence makes it possible for every person to find their true home and their eternal home with Him.

The home that Jesus wants to make within us is not a dark, cold, harsh place that we will tremble to enter, but a home of splendor, beauty, and tenderness that will always make us feel welcomed.

I recently used this as my discussion topic for an English Corner and the response from the students were overwhelming. I asked them to comment on each of these characteristics and share what it meant to them. Many Students shared that they grew up in a home where they were never exposed to genuine love, acceptance, protection,(never being told that they were loved and never seeing any form or expressions of love between their parents) they didn't know what it was like to open up and be able to share or express their feelings, they don't remember their homes being a place of light or warmth, please do not get me wrong, this was not the case with all of them but it was so with many of them.

Here are six characteristics of the home that Jesus wants to establish within us.

1. A home of love….where His arms are extended to help, to support, to encourage, and to embrace.
2. A home of acceptance…where you are valued, celebrated, enjoyed, and appreciated; where He is genuinely happy to be in your company.
3. A home of protection…where you can be sheltered from the coming storm and find safety from the heat of day, the cold of night, and the battering winds that beat against your life.
4. A home of fellowship….where your hearts can open up to one another, where feelings can be expressed, where thoughts can be exchanged; where deep touches deep, and soul touches soul in harmony, in unity, and in sweet communion.
5. A home of light…where a glow fills the hallways and floods the rooms with welcomed illumination; where it is possible to clearly find your way and fully discover the treasures within.
6. A home of warmth…where the fire of His presence burns brightly; its beauty drawing you close–bringing laughter, shared joys, common interests and celebrated victories, while the golden flames of mercy and grace warm the deepest chills within.

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Prayer Request

  • Please pray about partnering with us financially so that we can continue building relationships with the unreached people groups of Southeast Asia.
  • Our plans to visit Nagaland and Nepal in late November and December to speak to local missionaries and leaders as well as visit some orphanages in a very poor area- have now been changed to the late summer of 2016. Please pray that I would have the guidance and direction needed.
  • We would like to see more of the locals rise up and begin to lead areas of ministry in the local churches, outreach centers, life groups and English corners.
  • We are beginning to really see an outpouring of grace and a hunger in the lives of the students here and are in need of more laborers.
  • Our lease on the apartment we are in is up on January 10th, please pray that we have the direction we need to know where to go and that we have the finances needed for moving.
  • Please, please feel free to leave some comments or even send an e-mail- it is so nice to hear from people back home and to know that we are not forgotten, especially during those times of Hiddenness.