World Religions and Culture Project

Most Important Belief

Most of the followers of the Jewish religion mainly follow the list of 13 Principles of Faith

Why They Believe this

These principles explain and help the followers understand the rules/guidelines of their religion, and they believe these specific principles/rules were what God gave to Abraham.

Why They Want to Follow This (In My Opinion)

I think they follow this because they were taught and grew up believing that these certain teachings were correct.

How Extremists In Judaism Justify Their Actions Against Nonbelievers

Many Extremists threaten idols in some religion.(for example, the pope)

A Current Event

A murder of 4 Rabbis was felt by jewish people beyond the borders of Jerusalem. It was an attack on the ability of Jews to access their holy places and to pray freely in their holy city. http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2014/11/26/4136356.htm

Art/Artifact: The Torah Crown

Date: ca. 1740-50

Gabriel Triesti( named in inscription as presenter to congregation. President of the Jewish community in Pauda.)

Why It's Important: Because whoever wears it is crowned with the symbol of his calling.

Religious Jewish Poem Lyrics

Book of Isaiah” by Anne Carson

New pain! said Isaiah.
New contract! said God

Well this poem is about faith and scripture, and it mentions Isaiah and God, and it is a joke of basically happened in the Tanakh.