Star Town Reports

Stay Safe, Stay Alert

Major Threat

I, Emanuel Salomon, am joyful that this town has proclaimed me as their mayor. I have overcome many obstacles to obtain this position as mayor, and to tell you the truth, my struggles will continue to protect and serve my people of this town. This area as you may unfortunately already know is a red earthquake zone. I myself have lost relatives in these devastating happenings of nature, when I was young I looked up to the sky and promised my grandmother that I would find a way to save this town from the monstrous side of what we call "mother" nature. Now I stand here before you to fulfill that promise, and to save this town which is slowly being destroyed by the devastating actions of "Mother" Nature.

The Plan
The plan is to add stronger foundations to each house of each one of you. These foundations have springs and coils inside which allows it to shake with the ground but at the same time it allows it to stay in place (in other words) it only feels a fraction of the force.

Past Consequences
If we don't act soon there will be bad consequences which may lead to injuries or even worst death. More people have died in this earthquakes than in ay other way. Which makes our mission even more urgent.

Past Destruction
Our town has suffered signs the latest earthquake last year. Buildings were reduced into sticks and stones. Children were left as orphans, people were left homeless. But finally after all this time, this town of Star has had an opportunity to get its hands on new technology which will soon be such an outcome to "mother" nature's fury.

You Matter

You matter, it's my mission to protect you that's why I'm making sure this plan(stronger foundations) will take action this day onwards and will not stop until each house is secure.


Stay Safe, Stay Alert