Boston Tea Party

By: Lucas Krider

Background Information

The Boston Tea Party started over British Placing a tax on tea. After that the colonies smuggled tea from the Netherlands. Before the tax British East India tea company was the main source of tea for the colonies. So smuggling hurt the company's profit. Before the Boston tea party the colonist boycotted the tea. So they lowered the price to hope they would continue to buy there tea. It didn't work.

Information About The Protest

People protested in many different ways. Some Smuggled in tea from the Netherlands. the colonist also boycotted the tea from England. And of course the Boston Tea Party. They refused to buy any tea from England and they showed that they don't need to buy tea from them. The Boston Tea Party happened on Dec.16 1773. Led by Samuel Adams over 340 chest of tea were dumped into the sea costing over 18,000 $

Boston Tea Party

Effects of the Protest

After the Boston Tea Party the port of Boston was closed. This tension that was formed from this act led all the way up to the Revolutionary war. England was trying to show that protesters would be punished. The Port of Boston made them a lot of money. The protest causes this because England lost a lot of money from the Boston Tea Party. The king felt as if they needed to lose money too. Closing the port of Boston was his way of doing this.

Assesment Question

The colonist demonstrated there beliefs by dumping all the tea into the water. They were trying to show that they were not going to stand this any longer. This was there way of saying that if you tax us without a fair say you will be punished. I think it also showed that the colonist were serious about there beliefs and wanted to get a message across to England.
The story behind the Boston Tea Party - Ben Labaree