Sarah Tsai

An Introduction


I am currently a sophomore in Walton High School, located in Marietta, GA. My favorite subject is probably a three-way tie between Biology, Orchesta, and English.

I still don't know what career or college I want, but I know my final goal is to be satisfied with how I end up.

On APES (The Nonliving Variety)

I am taking APES as an additional class. I enjoy most of the sciences, so it seemed like a good class for me to enter.

During 5th grade, I became ill for an extremely long period of time. As a result, I switched entirely to online schooling for the rest of the year. My schedule felt freer despite learning the same lessons. For middle school, I switched back to public schooling because online school was forcing my mom to work at home.


I do not watch many movies, but I love to read all sorts of books. I can enjoy almost any genre so long as the book has a unique spin. The only two genres I'm iffy on are teen fiction and romance. I just can't bring myself to like the two alone or together (I guess that's pretty odd, haha). They've got to be mixed in with other elements.


I tend to listen just to classical although I've been obsessed with several video game soundtracks lately. (I actually haven't played many of the video games.) Search up "Stickerbrush Symphony" for a really soothing track.


I have two dogs, a cat, and a cichlid my family still hasn't named yet.