GCHS Library Media Center

March Newsletter

This Just In!!

Newly arrived materials you or your department might be interested in:

  • English: a few new YA novels, The Rienner Anthology of African Literature, Examples: The making of 40 photographs (Ansel Adams), Introduction to African Civilizations, African History : a very short introduction, A History of the Vikings, Exploring the Life, Myth and Art of the Vikings (ebook), and The Daily Life of the Vikings.
  • Social Studies: see above and The Blackwell Dictionary of Historians, The Britannica Guide to Political and Social Movements that Changed the Modern World
  • Mathematics: Mathematics Formative Assessment : 75 Practical Strategies for Linking Assessment, Instruction, and Learning
  • Science: The Particle at the End of the Universe, Nuclear Fission Reactors, Atomic Structure, The Chernobyl Disaster, The Quantam Frontier : The Large Hadron Collider
  • Other: I read it, but I don't get it: comprehension strategies for adolescent readers,
  • Smarter Clicking : School technology policies that work!, The History of Agriculture, Playing with Purpose : Inside the Lives and Faith of Top NBA Stars, and Lebron James : King of Shots

Some of these books were requested, most were needed and all were paid for with Library Club money.

FIVE reasons to put your departmental VIDEOS in the LIBRARY Collection

  1. You never have to wonder where you left a video or which teacher in your department has forgotten it in a desk drawer somewhere.
  2. You never have to worry about remembering the name of that video you used to show on such and such a topic...I have your whole history on file. If you showed it in April of 2011, I can tell you which video it was.
  3. If you use it frequently and it gets damaged, I will replace it.
  4. When a department member leaves or retires, you don't have to worry about what might have accidentally left with him/her.
  5. All videos in the library collection are pre-approved and can be shown without parent / principal permission. (This does not mean that I will accept your donation of Platoon or Magic Mike, however. :))

Tech Tuesdays

Tech Tuesdays are officially cancelled due to lack of interest. It was a worthwhile experiment!

ITES - Information and Technology Essential Standards

Cite, Cite, Cite. That's what teachers are telling their students for any and all projects. They must learn to cite if they're not going to plagiarize. Even when students paraphrase well, they must still cite their sources or it is considered plagiarism.
Now they just need practice in citing well. This is just a reminder that GCHS is endorsing NoodleTools this year to create citations. Access our account from the library webpage and ask me for your temporary password to set up your account.
Students can set up accounts, collaborate on projects, and share their work with their teachers. Teachers can check student work online, check a history of all work done and send comments to students, all through NoodleTools. Ask Mrs. Hawks and Ms. Redmon about it!