Divergent fans that are all about Divergent claim a certain Faction they would be in:

-Amity: The Peaceful

-Abnegation: The Selfless

-Erudite: The Intelligent

-Dauntless: The Brave

Candor: The Honest

How Factions are chosen:

All 16 year olds take an aptitude test every year. It helps indicate which faction a person should take based on the dominant characteristic


Definition: to refuse or deny oneself, give up.

History: formed by those who blame selfishness for human errors

Traits: Believe in forgetting themselves to serve others, and respectful.

Physical trait: Gray and simple clothing. the female wears their hair in a bun

Nickname: "STIFFS"


Definition: Mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship

History: formed to have a peaceful society free from conflict.

Traits: They love music, arts, games, and laughter. They run the farms, but tend to be counselors, caretakers and artists.

Physical Trait: dress comfortably in red and yellow, and dress pleasantly and informal.



definition: the state of being open & sincere in speech or expression.

History: formed by those who blamed duplicity & deception. Believed dishonesty is the fault in human nature which began the war. Believe honesty would lead to a more peaceful and perfect society.

Traits: Honest, trustworthy, and able to read body language to detect lies.

Physical trait: Black and white clothes. Dress formally



definition: Fearless, undaunted.

History:Blamed cowardice for society's problems.They believe in facing fears & finding bravery.

Traits: Loud and expressive. Brave, courageous, and physical skills.

Physical traits: All black clothes, tattoos, piercings, and unnatural hair colors.

No Nickname but random fact: The only faction to ride the train.


Definition: characterized by great knowledge

History: blamed human ignorance for the faults in society.

Traits: Chat about books and knowledge; constant pursuit of knowledge

Physical trait: wear glasses no matter how perfect their vision is. Believe in wear one type of Blue(Blue Stimulates the Brain)

Nickname: "Know it Alls"


definition: Without faction

traits: Divorced from society, separated from community. Living in Poverty and discomfort.

Failure to make it into a Faction results in being Factionless


Definition: The tendency to diverge from the norm, in this case, the mindset and way of thinking the factions are meant for.

"Being Divergent is dangerous"

Aptitude results are inconclusive, then you can have more than 1 faction making you DIVERGENT