Vancouver Island

By Annsantra Sijo Period 6/Pagan 5-3-16

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-Closest Island Near: Galiano Island

-Absolute Location: Victoria, Vancouver Island - 48 42' N, 123º 36' W

-Relative Location(Victoria): Victoria , is on the coast of British Columbia, is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, and is on the strait of Juan de Fuca.

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-Had a Vancouver Island Trade Exchange (VITX) mixer.

-''Traded" success stories and had a chance to meet to face to face with their fellow members.

-Members, company directors and owners have a vested interest in the exchanging goods and services within the community and understand the value that trade exchange can bring to the Island.

- Local Victoria business owners created VITX in 2011

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-Places: Butchart Gardens
British Columbia Legislature Building
The Royal British Columbian Museum
The Thunderbird Park
Beacon Hill Park

- Canada West Region

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Human/Environment Interaction

-Trade of North West

-Cougar Population effecting humans

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-Country: Canada under British rule

-Pacific Islands

-When Founded: 1849

-Founded by Who: Captain George Vancouver

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